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C’est vraiment/très bon | It’s really/very good

Royal Canin® is a French pet food brand that was started by Jean Cathary a veterinarian who began his career working with horses and bulls. Over the years he came to believe that food could impact the health of animals and began to create his own pet food originally, ‘yellow soup’ for dogs that would become registered The ROYAL CANIN® brand. The brand has had a few owners over the years, but has always maintained a focus on their philosophy to make a better world for pets.

One of the highest rated pet foods in the world, the brand offers a wide range of pet foods from first meals for puppies and kittens to recommended foods for aging pets or those with allergies. France has a reputation of preparing foods with the finest of ingredients and this holds true for Royal Canin® pet foods.


Royal Canin® Puppy & Dog Food

If you are looking for high quality dog food available by dog breed, special dietary needs or to care of your aging pet, you may want to give Royal Canin® a try. Click the following to find out more about each category and to find your pet’s breed food.

aging mature elderly dog pet food breed royal canin

Q. What is the best dog food for my breed?

A. Let Royal Canin help you find the right food for your dog breed, size and nutrition needs. They offer dry and wet pet foods by age, weight and breed. Shop Chewy to find the best for your furry friends.

Note: Royal Canin pet foods are made in France with the finest ingredients and are veterinarian approved.

Royal Canin® Cat Food

Royal Canin® cat food is one of the highest quality kitten and cat foods on the market.

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