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Boho Cat Nursery Decor

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If you are looking for inspiration to create a boho pet nursery you are in the right space.

Welcome to our Vintage Cat Nursery Shop where we are ready to help you embark on the journey of designing a nursery is an exciting adventure, especially when it involves the whimsical charm of our feline friends. Choose this enchanting cat-themed nursery, artfully painted in a vintage palette of pink, grey, and cream. This is a space where the playful spirit of kittens meets the timeless elegance of bygone days, creating a haven of warmth and imagination for your little one. What sets this cat-themed nursery apart is its ability to grow with your child. The vintage charm and gentle color scheme provide a versatile foundation that can easily transition from a peaceful baby’s room to a playful toddler’s space, and beyond. The carefully selected accents and art pieces are timeless, ensuring they remain relevant and cherished as the years go by.

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Designer Tips For The Nursery:

Focus on unique accents that infuse charm and personality into every space. In this nursery, the essence of cats is celebrated through thoughtful details, from snuggly rugs to captivating art pieces. Shelves are adorned with books featuring feline protagonists, offering tales of adventure and mischief that spark your child’s imagination. The palette of subtle pinks, greys, and creams creates a soothing yet stimulating backdrop, fostering a sense of calm curiosity.

Exploring the various elements of this delightful nursery theme, look for ways to create a perfect balance between style, comfort, and playfulness. This space is designed for cat lovers, aficionados of vintage aesthetics, and anyone seeking a nursery theme that truly stands out. Together, we will create a nursery that honors the whimsy of kittens, the elegance of vintage design, and the pure joy of childhood.

Here are 10 ideas to help you design a perfect cat-themed nursery:

  1. The Walls: Paint one color or choose an accent color and add cat decals, paw print stenciled paint or consider a wall of Pet Wallpaper.
  2. Nursery Furniture: You might get lucky and find a cat shaped piece of furniture or you can paint a motif on a found piece of furniture to give your space a custom vibe.
  3. The Mobile: Choose a coordinating Cat Mobile in grey and white or consider making your own with knitted balls, felt kittens or even handmade plush cats.
  4. The Bedding: When creating a balanced space, mix and match the scale, the prints and the colors. If you choose a printed comforter consider balancing it with solid pieces or smaller scale prints that coordinate. Choose individual pieces verses a set to create a designer look. Consider having a customer piece of Cat Bedding made to give your nursery a distinctive design.
  5. Cat-Themed Art: There are so many great options for choosing art these days, consider having a custom piece made by a local artist, create a single oversized cat art piece from a site like GreatBigCanvas® that has dozens of dog, cat and pet art to choose from or take a series of photos yourself and create a black and white wall of cat photos.
  6. Plush Cat Toys: Fill a basket with a variety of stuffed plush cats in all different breeds. Choose realistic plush cats or go for a whimsical rag dog cat.
  7. Patterned Rugs: Score a cat themed rug or choose a unique cat rug. Rugs are a great way to ground your space and help you bring furniture pieces off of the wall.
  8. Curtains and Blinds: Choose neutral blinds and curtains that will grow with your child, create DIY tiebacks that match your mobile with balls of yarn for a fun ‘cat-themed’ accent, or check out these handmade crochet cat tiebacks.
  9. Storage Bins: There are great storage baskets with cat ears that are ideal for holding toys, books, diapers and dirty clothes while helping you stay organized in style.
  10. Lighting: Add a neutral light to the dresser or side table. Stencil the lampshade to add a personal touch. Check out these great custom landslides from Etsy.

These ideas can help create a cozy and charming cat-themed nursery that both you and your baby will love. Stay away from trying to match prints and designs too closely, a mixture of prints, scale and design will help you design a one of a kind nursery that is ready to grow with your child.