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Pet Travel Eat & Drink

Browse a curated collection of portable, foldable, collapsable and disposable pet bowls for life on the go.


Embarking on adventures with pets has made essential the right pet food and water supplies for traveling, as our furry companions join us everywhere from road trips to hotel stays. We’ve carefully selected unique and indispensable travel supplies to ensure their safety, comfort, and enjoyment, making every journey with your pet safe, joyful, and memorable.

Travel unknown paths to find a new direction, but be prepared for when you get where you are going.

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Choose a high quality collapsable pet food and water bowl that is light-weight and easy to carry. Take it with you on hikes, to the beach or on all adventures to ensure you keep your pet hydrated.

Pick up a fountain or electric water bowl that will keep water fresh during cold nights. Moving water struggles to freeze in chilly weather or choose an electric option to ensure the water does not freeze.

Pet Travel Water Tumblers

Keep water handy when traveling with pets in the car, on a hike or at the park, never trust there will be water along your journey.

For pets who prefer fresh food or wet food, a good pet cooler is a great idea. Choose one set up just for pets or choose a small pet specific cooler to keep with you.

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