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Create your own pet art with just a few craft supplies. This adorable “i really hope you like dogs” pallet sign was made with a blanket pallet + stencil + black acrylic paint = adorable.


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Pet Stencils

Add paw prints to wall decor with stencils to add design to pet spaces, laundry rooms, bathroom or other walls in your home, vet or pet spa. Choose colors that fit your home decor style.

Add pet spot stencils to your pet themed nursery, playroom or guest room. Choose black paint to create a Dalmatian, spotted cat or pet fur space.

Pet Stamps

Create simple handmade gifts with paper + ink + rubber stamp = adorable

Self-Inking Stamp

Pet Wax Stamps

Stencil Paint & Ink Pads

Home Decor Craft Blanks

Hand make unique gifts for pet lovers by adding simple paw print stamps or stencils to this rustic wooden frame and add a photo. Choose a wide, rustic wood frame to give you plenty of room for a DIY touch. To make it personalized add the pet’s name with alphabet stamps or stencils.

Create a handmade pillow for your nursery, sofa or give a one of a kind gift to your best pet lover. Use textile paint to make sure your pillow cover is washable and easy to keep clean.

Pet Craft Blanks

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