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smart dog collars

Pet Smart Collars and Fences – Keeping Track Of Pets At All Times

If you are in the market for smart technology to keep track of pets near and far you are in the right place.

Dog GPS Collars

Tractive® GPS Tracker & Accessories For Dogs

One of the top selling GPS Collar systems for pets, Tractive® is all about helping you keep track of your pets close to home or on the go.

GPS and Smart Tracking Dog Collars

GPS Training Dog Collars

Pathfinder2 GPS Tracking Dog Collar System

The Pathfinder2 GPS Dog Tracker offers the newest smartphone and smartwatch technology.  This waterproof dog collar allows you to let your dog free while enjoying the outdoors, during training sessions or in the backyard when your pup enjoys a little time on the run.  You will know in your pet’s location in real time.  There are not required subscriptions or fees required to operate this dog tracking system. The LED light and pager vibration makes pet location much easier in low light or dark spaces.  The collar also comes with a self-locking and collar locator if you pet breaks free.  Designed to track up to 21 dogs, you can purchase additional collars.  This is ideal for hunting excursions, camping with your pups or a great choice for dog walking businesses who want to keep real time track of their clients.  Ideal for dog breeds weighing 35 lbs and higher. This new technology is not compatible with previous Pathfinder tracking systems or other smart collar systems.  

Cat & Small Pet GPS Tracker

Pet GPS Collar Doors

Pet Electric and GPS Fencing Systems

Our Pet Smart Collar & Fence Supplies and let technology help you track dogs, cats and all pets

New GPS technology that allows you to track your dog 24/7. A great option when you use caretakers, dog walkers or while you are a way from home. The technology also allows you to track, receive notifications by phone and you can even create safety zones for escape dogs. This waterproof collar is dog-proof. Smart pet collars are ideal for pups on the hunt, campsite or those who like to run. Keeping pups safe, smartly is done with the right smart pet collar for your breed, activity and play.

Never worry about not knowing where your pup is day or night!