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Organize Your Pet’s Leashes with Wall Hooks and Racks

Browse a curated collection of hooks and hanging racks to organize pet leashes, walking gear and your animal’s accessories.


Find innovative, stylish solutions for organizing your pet’s walking essentials. Explore our diverse collection of dog leash wall hooks to transform pet leash clutter into an aesthetically pleasing display.

Create a world around you that supports the life you live and you will live your life better!

Dog Themed Leash Hooks
Dog tail leash hook hanging on a wall to organize and store dog's leash or collar
Forged Metal Dog Tail Hookshttps://amzn.to/3wDHfvp
Dog tail leash hook hanging on a wall to organize and store dog's leash or collar
Wood Dog Tail Leash Hooks

Q. How do you organize your dog leashes?
A. We challenged our team with this question and here is what they came up with
Hang 2-3 cute wall hooks to hold leash, tote and jacket
Add a free-standing coat rack, there is plenty of room for your leash, tote and even toys
Hang a shelf or basket with hooks that has room to store dog waste bags, tote bag and even a hat for your pup.
See below what the team pulled together to help you get organized and look great! Choose a pet themed accent or go with

Add a series of Brass Dog Hooks to store leashes, tote bags, jackets and more.

Unique Hooks & Racks for Dog Leashes

Leash Racks

Finding storage solutions for apartments, small spaces or areas you cannot nail it to the wall can be tough. Here are some great free standing and leaning racks. No only do they take up little room, but their vertical design looks great and does what it needs to do.

Free-standing & Leaning Leash and Coat Racks

When wall space is difficult to find, consider a free-standing coat rack or bench to keep pet supplies organized and looking great in plain sight.

Looking for something a little different? Tell us more and we will help you find the right match.

We strive to find the best products for every aspect of life with pets from potty supplies to great dog walking gear. We hope you found the perfect products and if not just let us know what you are looking for and we will be on the hunt. Send us an email at info@wildlovetails.com