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Pet-Friendly Rugs

Browse a selection of pet-friendly and washable rugs, welcome mats, and throw rugs for dog, cat & pet homes.


Welcome to our Pet-Friendly Rug Shop filled with rugs, runners and door mats ideal for pet family homes. We love rugs that are easy to clean, washable and waterproof when that is the best choice. When choosing a rug for pet and people homes, consider choosing a color that match your pet’s fur color to hide shedding, multicolor designs that mask wear and tear and distressed designed that hide a little friendly pup nibble. It is important to always make sure throw rugs are secure to reduce pet and people injury.

Never sacrifice comfort for style!

Faux Fur Pet Rug Cushions

Pet-Friendly Animal Print Washable Rugs & Throws

Select throw rugs, blankets and decor pieces that are the same color as your pet’s fur to help hide shedded fur until you are ready to get rid of it.

Washable Pet-Friendly Rugs

Secure throw rug corners with these smart Rug Grippers. The hold rugs in place on smooth floor surfaces including hardwood. Keep rugs in place to reduce pet and people injury, rug damage and the life of your rug. These corners are washable, reusable and help keep corners flat.

Pet Themed Door Mats