Pet Friendly Flooring

Save Pet Leg Joints With The Right Flooring

Pet Friendly Flooring | Low Slip | Scratch Resistant | Washable | Waterproof

If you have the chance to build your home, choosing wood, tile or one of the new materials that are waterproof, wash up easy and are very strong is always a good choice.  If you have carpet, converting to one of these hard surface options may be your first choice before choosing your decor pieces.  The best options are hardwood, bamboo, vinyl, laminate, faux brick, stone and cork.  Make sure that what you buy is considered pet friendly as some of the above are more delicate and not as pet friendly as you might hope.   Here is a great article from the Floor Critics – “Best Flooring for Dogs and Cats” and it breaks each floor type down for you, with the pros and cons of the flooring choices.


How it works: click on the images or links below to find out more about the pet-friendly flooring options we found

Rustic Vinyl Flooring

Industrial Vinyl Flooring

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