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Pet Craft & DIY Books


Browse our curated collection of beautiful dog, cat and animal books filled with amazing photography and perfect for stacking on the coffee table to share with all or to be wrapped to make your best pet-lover smile.


A curated collection of books curated to inspire creativity!

Welcome to our Pet DIY & Craft Book Shop filled with great books for you or your best pet-lover. Pair with the supplies and you have the perfect creative gift. Learn how to knit dog sweaters, make handmade pet toys or create a one of a kind cat quilt. Find a book that inspires you to bring out your creative side.

Escape into a world of creativity and express yourself – There is Nothing Like Letting Your Creativity Come Out!

Pet How To Felt Craft Book

Choose natural color wool that match dog and cat breeds to make realist needle felt pets. This is a great needle felting kit with natural pet faux fur color wool, needle felt tools and needles.

Pet Quilting Books

Choose unique textured fabrics in natural colors to create realistic dog, cat and pet quits and fabric crafts. This is a great selection of fabric with texture, tones and assorted scale prints.

Natural felt pieces for pet craft projects. Choose natural, textured materials to create amazing dog, cat and animal craft projects.

Choose soft, natural yarn when crocheting and knitting pet toys, clothing and bedding. Choose from soft and fur-like or chunky and natural.

Create custom pet sweaters, toys and bedding. Here is a great kit to test your crochet skills with a wide range of yarn colors to make them your own.

Pet Party Planner Books

DIY Dog & Cat Home Projects

How To Photograph Pets

How To Draw Pet Books

How To Paint Pets – dogs, puppies, kittens and pets

Learn how to sketch, paint or watercolor your pet or a likeness that allows you to capture their personalities, color and style. A great gift to give or memento to keep forever. Jean Haines Atmospheric Animals in Watercolor is a great look and style to learn.

Books of Pet & Animal Art