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Pet Craft Kits and Craft Supplies

Browse our curated collection to help you begin a new craft, encourage a child to be creative & make the world more a prettier place.


Welcome to our Pet Craft Kit Shop filled with painting, ceramic and needle point kits that are all about dogs, cats and pets. Choose a gift for a birthday party, thank you to a pet sitter or wrap and put under the tree for the grandkids. Choose a kit that turns into a handmade gift ideal to give to the grandparents, teachers or pet-lovers.

All Your Need Is A Little Creativity & A Pet

Pet Paint By Number Kits

Design your own paint by number simply by uploading you own photo. Try a close up of the pup, family photo or favorite place to spend time with your pet. A great gift for the entire family, pet sitter or your best crazy cat lady. Make it handmade and they will remember.

Pet Painting Kits

Pet Stitch Kits

Stitch you love of pets into the cloth of these kids that make a wonderful gift for yourself or best pet lover.

Pet Craft Kits