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Enjoy our pet bookstore filled with pet-friendly home decor books, cookbooks for dog and cat food and treats and wonderful pet books and stories. Scroll down to find a perfect read, gift or baby shower card.

Create healthy dog food with natural ingredients, bake your own cut out dog cookies or make a batch of tasty cat biscuits. Find the perfect recipe book and find your pet’s favorite recipes.


The way it works: click on the cookbook image or link to find out more about our favorite dog and cat cookbooks. Make homemade treats and snacks or do it all and make your own pet food.

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Choose the perfect pet container for your homemade dog and cat treats and food. Makes a great gift.
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Fill unique pet bowls with homemade treats and give to your pet-loving caretakers.
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Design your own pet treats, snacks and goodies with the right tools. Who knows it might become your business.
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