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Welcome to our Poops and Scoops Shop, so what else would you call it!!! Ok so we have to talk about this, it is part of our everyday life with pets and boy did we find some cool things that will help make scooping and keeping up with pet poo a little easier. We love that so many of the brands and designers are coming up with very unique products for pet poops and scoops. Here are some great ideas and below there are links to some of our favorite affiliate items. Click on the photo link for more details.




Dog Poop Bags

It is always a good idea to pick it up, even when you don’t have to. Stock up on the waste bags that work best for you. We love eco friendly, made in the USA and good smelling options.

Choose the right dog walking tools to make the task easier, hands-free and tidy. A great gift for new puppy owners, stocking stuffer or thank you gift to your best dog walker.
Hands-free, Clever, Clean

Dog Waste Bag Holders

When walking, hanging out at the park or at the campsite, having pet waste bags handy is always a good idea. These carriers can be attached to your leash, backpack or dog harness to keep them close at hand.

Pet Poop Storage & Holders

Clean up dog waste hands-free and reduce odor and mess in backyards, park areas or on the patio. Scoop and place into this Pet Garbage Can with ease.

Puppy Training Pads

Clever Dog Waste Removal Gadgets

Don’t want to bend over to pick up the poo, use one of these handy gadgets to help clean up poo in the yard, at the dog park or on a walk. A little extra to carry, but a helpful tools will make it easier if bending over is just not an option.

If your pet leaves a strong odor after they ‘go,’ sprinkle DooKashi an all natural pet odor eliminator to yard, sidewalk and outdoor spaces. It will not only remove small, but it will help to breakdown any remaining waste and send it back to nature.

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