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Children’s Pet Books

teach a child to read and show them the world

Each Book Is An Adventure

If you want to introduce your kids at home or in the classroom to the wonderful world of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens you are in the right place.

Dog Books For Listeners and New Readers

Little Puppy Board-book

This wiggle nose pup book is a great starter book for new listeners for story time and bedtime.



A book of dog barks, this is a great interactive book for all ages. A fun way to bring dog loving quiet kiddos to get involved.

Listers and interactive readers

Shelby Shoes

A book filled with pups, personalities and giggles for little ones.

Listeners and young readers

Carl’s Birthday Book

Can we give Carl a surprise birthday party? It is not easy, but everyone tries.

Listeners and new readers

Good Dog, Car Picture Book

A true picture book for pet loving families. Explore life with dogs with your little one and teach them your ways.


Picture Book by Dog

A great new children’s book that explores being lost and then found. A great take of dog rescue and adoption.

Listeners and new readers

Hello Puppy!

The perfect children’s book that asks questions. What is the puppy doing?


If You Give A Dog A Donut

What happens when you give a dog a donut, he is going to want something else, see what happens next.

Listeners and new readers


Explore dog breeds through the young eyes with this beautifully illustrated book.

Listeners and young readers

Dog’s Colorful Day Book

A great book for teaching children their colors. Well-written and ideal for toddlers who are eager to learn, love pups and engage in interactive books.


Bark Bark! Board Book

Introduce your little one to what it is like to own a pet before bringing a 4 legged family member into your home. This book is filled with adorable artwork along side a great story that will engage your little ones.

Listeners and new readers

How To Train The Perfect Parents

Sometimes you have to train your parents when you want something as important as a new pup. This is a fun book with great illustrations and the cutest pup, who would not want to adopt.

Listeners and new readers

Sprinkles The Fire Dog

A tale of setting goals and striving to reach them. This little mutt pup shows us how it is done.

Listeners and young readers

The Gus Gus Book

Gus does not always behave and this book teaches youngsters training techniques they can try.

Listeners and young readers

Walter Does His Best

The adventures of a French Bulldog in New York City and all the opportunities to share kindness.

Listeners and young readers

Sit Stay Love

A great book of life lessons from the dogs. A wonderful book to read with little ones.

Listeners and young readers

Move Over Rover

A great pup story with a focus on making room for others and sharing.

Listeners and young readers

Cookies Bit Size Life Lessons

A beautifully illustrated book that tackles what is fair and unfair and the art of cooperating.

Listeners and young readers

Mutt The Dog!

A children’s book that teaches compassion, hope and dignity with Mutt the dog.

Listeners and new readers

Ruffles and the Red, Red Coat

Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do in order to do what you want to do and ruffles will help you teach this to your little ones.

Listeners and new readers

My Dog Laughs

A great book to share with kiddos who really want a pup. It explores what must be done to take care of a family pup.

Listeners and new readers

Where Do You Poop? Book

A funny book that will help you teach your child the art of going potty.

Ideal for listeners and new readers

Chi Chi The Rescue Dog Picture Book

Chi Chi is rescued, but her legs had to be amputated. A great tale of acceptance, strength and perseverance.

Ideal for listeners and new readers

Gracie To The Rescue Book

Heartwarming story of pet adoption. Sometimes you just have to find the right family to live your best pet life.

Ideal for listeners and young readers

Let’s Have A Dog Party Book

A quiet puppy is not ready for a busy party filled with people, dancing and gifts so he hides.

Young readers

A Party To Remember Book

Explore a party to remember with author Tim Tebow. A fun book to for young readers.

Young readers

Fancy Nancy Puppy Party

Join Fancy Nancy and friends for a puppy party filled with smiles, wagging tails and of course cake.

Young readers

Animal Baby Books

Cat Books For Kids

Tumford’s Rude Noises Book

Sometimes you just have to make rude noses, but not matter how ‘bad’ your noises are you are never a bad person.

Ideal for new readers.

Tumford The Terrible Book

Saying “I’m sorry” is not always easy. This cute book will let your new reader help Tumford say the right words.

Ideal for new readers.

If You Give A Cat A Cupcake Book

A fun book that will be read again and again. This adorable cat is the star of this book with plenty of cupcakes to go around.

Ideal for listeners and new readers

Who’s That Cat? Board Book

The rhyming adventures of this cute cat will keep your little one giggling the entire time. Surprises on every pages.

Ideal for listeners.

Kitten’s First Full Moon Board Book

Award winning book that teaches kiddos the art of getting back up if you fail and try, try again. Lots of adventures along the way.

Ideal for listeners and new readers

Artsy Cats Board Book

Expose your tiny ones to fine art styles with this adorable book of cats created in a range of art styles. A fun way to learn art.

Ideal for listeners and new readers.

Music Cats Board Book

Introduce tots that love to boogie to your favorite music legends with this creatively illustrated book of kitties.

Ideal for listeners and new readers

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat Book

Encourage little ones to wake up in the morning for school, a day of play or time away. Kitty Cat will help you show the way.

Ideal for listeners and new readers

Inside Cat Book

Explore life inside with a clever cat in a unique house. Encourage curiosity and observations everywhere you go.

Ideal for listeners and new readers

Have You Seen My Cat Board Book

Help the little boy find the missing cat as you discover hiding places with your little one. Fun art that makes the adventure so fun.

Ideal for listeners and new readers

I Am A Cat

What happens when a little cat meets up with “bigger” cats. He might feel like he does not measure up, but in the end he sure does.

For listeners and new readers

They All Saw A Cat

Life is not always obvious and this book explores observations and perception. A great children’s book concept done well.

For listeners and new readers

Chubb’s Learns To Trust

Teach acceptance through the adventures of a blind cat that learns how to trust along the way.

New Readers.

The Cat With The Crooked Tail Book

Good attitude, perseverance and friendship help a kitty with a crooked tail find acceptance. Creative movement book.

New Readers.

Cat Diaries Book

The art of story telling with a bit of crime, this is a great kitty story that encourage the art of writing.

New Readers

Mr Winston Go To Bed Book

Not everyone goes to bed when they are told, including Mr Winston. A fun way for everyone to learn to go to bed.

New readers.

If A Cat Had A Wish? Book

A great book for the classroom that encourages dreams and wishes.

New readers.

100 Cats Counting Book

Encourage counting with the help of 100 cute kitties. Fun faces, clever artwork and a fun way to get to 100.

Listeners and new readers

Camp Cattitude Book

A great read for all ages. This cleverly written book that shows the positive side of having a bit of attitude.

New readers.

Cat Tails Book

A collection of true tales of cats and kitties. Ideal for all ages, to encourage kindness and compassion.

All ages.

Dewey Took a Pooey Book

Dewey is on the hunt to simply do his business and finds obstacles in the way.

Listeners and new readers

Funny Pet Books

Rescuing Rumba Book

A true story of love and compassion. Rescuing a pet is not always an easy road, but one well worth taking.

Older young readers

Just Stay Book

This who saved the rescue dog tale is a great story about how life changes when a new pup enters your life.

Older young readers

Dog Training for Kids Book

Fun and easy ways to teach your new puppy commands, tricks and how to behave.

Young readers

The One and Only Ivan

Written for middle school readers who love animals. This is a great series about good friends.

Middle School Readers

The One and Only Bob

Life for a dog on the run changes when he meets new friends. Funny, charming and easy to read.

Middle School Readers

Crenshaw Book

Boy and his imaginary cat navigate hard times.

Middle School Readers

This is a great series for pet loving middle schoolers who love an adventure. Books so good you might find yourself reading them again as an adult.

The Adventures of Max & Maude

Funny pet short stories that will keep young readers hooked

Middle young readers

You Might Be A Crazy Cat Lady If

A fun book for cat lovers and more experienced readers. A great gift for teachers too.

Experienced young readers

Cat Poems – A book for adult cat lovers

A great collection of cat poems that is a great read for experienced cat loving readers, fun stories for teachers to share or a gift for mom.

Browse a curated collection of Children’s Pet Books and be inspired by puppy tales, kitty adventures and special life lessons

If You Give A Dog A Donut by author Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond is one of our favorite pup books, but our list does not stope there with so many great dog, cat and pet inspired books that will ignite your animal loving child’s imagination. Explore our Children’s Pet Book Shop filled with pet adventures, first reader stories and interactive fun. Each book will resonate with pet-lovers young and old. From black and white contrast books to colorful stories of resilience, friendship and support. Fill your classroom, playroom or nursery with one or all of these great books and inspire young minds while encouraging their love of dogs, cat, pets and animals of all shapes and sizes.

To Teach A Child To Read Is To Give A Child The World!

Fill your child’s bookshelves with wonderful books about dogs, cats and animals to share your love of furry friends. There are so many great stories told through the eyes of four legged friends that help us to teach our children life’s lessons, explore new places and even how to learn together. Start with listening books read by parents, teachers and friends and then introduce your child to books that let them read on their own and explore life.