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Children’s Pet Art Gallery

one’s first pet is with them forever

Explore Children’s Pet Art

If you are looking for amazing dog, cat and animal art for children’s rooms, the nursery, classroom or playroom you are in the right place.

Browse our curated collection of prints and artwork ideal for nurseries, children’s rooms, playrooms and the classroom


Welcome to our captivating Children’s Pet Art Gallery, a treasure trove of artistry dedicated to sparking imaginative room designs featuring dogs, cats, and a plethora of delightful animals. Transform any space into a wondrous pet-lover’s haven with a piece of children’s art —be it a charming nursery, an energetic child’s bedroom, an inspiring elementary classroom, a fun-filled playroom, or even a chic pet area. Dive into our collection and discover art pieces ranging from the whimsical and playful, to the sleek and modern, as well as everything from vintage elegance to bohemian chic. Your journey to create an enchanting animal-themed space starts here!

A Child’s Pet Is Forever Loved!