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Cat Birthday Supplies

If you are in the market for cat party supplies to celebrate a new kitten, gotcha day or a human birthday you are in the right place.

Welcome to our Cat Party Shop filled with everything you need to plan, host or attend a cat or kitty party. A fun idea when you adopt a new kitten, take in a rescue or just for fun. Host a cat themed party, party for a new kitten or a birthday party for your cat. We found the most amazing cat party decorations, paper goods and cake supplies to help you create the perfect party.

Cat Party Decor Ideas

Cat Party Food and Supplies

Bake cat cut out cookies and ice them for the party, toss them in your treat bags or choose a cat friendly recipe and make them for your furry friends.

Cat Cupcake Liners and Food Cups

Cat Cupcake Toppers

Add cat toppers to party food to keep your kitty theme going. Choose pastel colors, black and white or go for gold glitter.

Cat Food and Serving Bowls

Cat Paper Party Supplies

Pick a great cat napkin and pair it with a simple coordinating place setting to create an elegant pet party theme that will turn heads. A great way to create a trendy cat themed wedding or baby shower, birthday party or to celebrate a new rescue.

Create an eclectic cat wedding indoors or out. Mix and match chairs, decor and paper supplies to create a funky boho vibe.

Cat Drinks & Ice

Cat Party Games

cat party games birthday fish chase play kitty party theme

Cat Party Game Ideas:

  1. Catch The Fish – Count the number of touches each cat makes, let each kitty choose their party treat or make fish chasing part of your party plan.
  2. Jump The Highest – Challenge each kitty and kitty person to see who can jump the highest. A feather fishing pole is a fun way to do this and is a great gift for the highest jumping team.
  3. Mouse Treasure Hunt – hide one mouse for each kitty at the party and let them find the mouse treasure. After each kitty finds their mouse you can give a prize for the quickest hunter.

Cat Party Fun Ideas

Create a photo booth with fun masks, signs, glasses, cat ears and more. Make a fun backdrop, add cat toys or buy a fun background and take photos of all your guests with their furry friends or best buds.

Cat masks, glasses or headbands are a fun way to decorate for your cat party, photo booth offerings or add to treat bags.

cat party supplies decor ideas

Cat Party Checklist

  • Theme – Determine your Cat Party Theme
  • Location – Decide where you will host the party, will it be inside or outside and will it accommodate pets and people?
  • Guests – you don’t have to have the exact list, but know if you will be inviting cats, dogs, other pets and people.
  • Time and Date – daytime parties are a little different than evening and nighttime, both are great just good to decide on the front end.
  • Color Palette – choosing a color scheme is a great idea on the front end and will help you make decisions as you choose decor, party supplies and more
  • Decorations – will there be centerpieces, a photo booth area, wall decor, ceiling decor, front porch decor and a food display?
  • Food – will you do a buffet, sit down, heavy hors devours or light snacks? Cake, cupcakes, dessert bar.
  • Invitations – you can do this electronically, make them yourself or order printed invites and send them out. Make sure to note who is invited, the theme and what to expect if you are hosting a pet and people party, so people are very clear.
  • Dress Code – this may seem silly, we know it probably is not black tie, but let people know if you are hosting a costume party, casual or VERY casual, so they know what to expect and if the party will be indoors or out so they can dress themselves and their pet appropriately
  • Party Games and Activities – having a few things planned from a photo booth and pet and people games to a scavenger hunt or ball toss.