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Welcome to our Pet Party Shop, the ultimate destination for all your pet and pet-people party needs! Whether you’re planning to host a celebration for your furry friend or joining in the festivities of a pet-themed gathering, we’ve got you covered. Our shop is a treasure trove of inspiration, offering a wide array of pet party themes, pet-themed party supplies, delightful pet costumes, and thoughtful gift ideas for both pets and their beloved humans. Get ready to embark on a whimsical journey through our selection, where the joy and love for pets come to life in every detail. Let the party planning begin, and may your gatherings be filled with wagging tails and purr-fect moments!


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Shop our wide variety of pet-themed paper goods including plates, napkins, cups and decor. Go all out or create a perfect photo op.

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Wrap your pet-lover or pet gift with the right wrapping paper, bows and tags. Shop a great variety of unique gift wrapping supplies.

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Make it a costume party for pets and people. Make that your theme or request costumes based on the theme you choose.

Let’s Have A Pet Party

Pet Party Checklist: Tips To Hosting A Great Event

  • Pick A Theme
  • Make A Guest List
  • Plan The Menu
  • Gather Decorations
  • Choose A Gift
  • Decorate
  • Welcome Guests
  • Send Thank Yous
Pick A Theme

It is helpful to pick a theme whether it is simple like birthday, pool party or taco night or you can get more elaborate and choose a popular theme such as Outlander, Superhero, or Luau. You can also pick the closest holiday as you theme. A theme helps you make easier decisions along the way.

A fun theme for the backyard, pool, or in the dead of winter.

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Celebrate your hero with a super dooper party theme.

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Plan a party for your kitty or a kid party for your cat lover.

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Who doesn’t love a puppy party for pups and people.

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For more great pet and animal party themes……

Make The Guest List

Your party may be for your pet with plenty of people to celebrate or an event for pets and their people. Make sure the pets are compatible and the location for the party is pet-friendly.

Plan The Menu

Make the party menu pet and people friendly, while not all pet owners want their pets to have people food, many are ok with a homemade treat or two. It is a good idea to keep a list of the ingredients to ensure their pups are not allergic to any of them.

Shop the best pet-friendly ingredients when making homemade party foods for the pets on your invitation list.

Browse kitchen gadgets, baking pans, and cookie cutters with unique pet themes and styles.

For pet owners who are very particular about their pet’s food and treats, choose a prepared treat you know they will approve.

Gather Decorations

Each of our pet party theme shops is filled with party decorating ideas, tips, and decor. Pick a focal point for your theme, choose a few key items that make your theme come to life, and then gather items from your home that help to tie it all together such as bowls, table covers, and household decor.

Choose A Gift

Some parties are for pets, while others are for pet-lovers or pet caregivers. We love to give gifts and we think when they make the lives of pets and their people better it is a win. Check out our Pet Gift Shops to find the perfect gift, party favors, or game prizes.

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Choose a gift to say thank you, gifts for pet party games, or pick something for yourself.

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Pet gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Choose something unexpected for your next pet party.

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Pick animal themed wrapping paper, gift bags, and paw tags to wrap your dog-loving gifts.


Make sure food and items are secure if your pets are curious. Balloons and other decor items seems everyday to you, but they are new to your pets. If you don’t have one planned, choose a photo spot and encourage guests to take photos and share them.

Thank You Notes

Snail mail may be old school, but it will make someone’s day to receive a real thank you after your event.

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Have a wonderful time planning your party and don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

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