Phoebe’s Rescue Story: From a Stray Kitten to a Pampered Pet

Hello I am Phoebe and boy do I have a story for you. I was born in Springdale, Arkansas, the exact location unknown. My first few weeks of life were not so easy and by week number three I found myself nuzzled up to a tree with no mom, no brothers, sisters, or food. There were trees as far as I could see on both sides and a flat space with two large doors at one end a fast machines on wheels on the other. Not sure what my next move would be, I circled about until I found a new comfy spot and settled down to watch the comings and goings of the little building attached.

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Early the next morning, I woke with a start, my insides told me that I needed food. The next thing I knew, two tall humans walked out on two legs and got into a bright red machine with wheels and drove away, shutting one of those very large doors when they left. No time to sneak in and see what was inside, so I walked around a bit, found a new hiding spot and settled in for a morning nap. I dreamed about my brothers and sisters, but woke up all by myself. I could not really remember how I found myself in the predicament, no idea where my mom was or the other little ones. They were great to roll in the grass after our bellies where full. Now it was just me and I was going to have to figure this out by my self. Not ready to leave the safety of my hiding spot I decided another nap was in order.

I woke up suddenly when the red moving machine returned and I watched the large door open and the humans get out and walk slowly into the building, shutting the big door behind them. My insides still felt very weird, not sure the name for it, but my mom took pretty good care of that feeling when it happened, I guess it was now up to me.

A few minutes later another moving machine rolled in right next to me, but this time it stops. I didn’t move a muscle, I just watched as two humans got out, one was half the size of the other. After mustering up all I had inside and let out the biggest meow I had in my, but what I thought came out like a roar didn’t even make them turn around. Again I tried, because I was pretty sure this was my only chance to get noticed. This time, the little one turned and looked in my direction, but he didn’t say anything. I thought to myself that I better try again and this time my meow worked, he turned and looked my way. The little one said, “I hear something Dad.”  The larger human turned and asked, “where?” The little one said, “over there.”

I froze again, as two faces moved in and looked my way, maybe I should not have meowed! The larger human said, “it is a kitten, her mom will find her.” The little human didn’t seem to agree, but they both stood up and went inside. Well I thought to myself, I tried. Maybe I need to get a little closer and see what is going on inside.

Inside the humans were busy leaning over one of the humans who was laying down and making sounds. All of a sudden three humans walked out the front door of the building. I was not sure if my best bet was to hide, run, or do nothing, so I chose to stand right there in the grass. I let out my best meow and all heads turned. The human from the red machine with long hair, scooped me up, wrapped me in a towel and carried me through the door. I was not sure what I had gotten myself into, but it had to be better than sleeping in the dirt with a terrible feeling inside.

I remember there was lots of talk about fleas, food and how tiny I was, I knew I was small, but I am mighty. More meows, but no one seemed to understand what I was saying, but next thing I knew, a tiny bowl of water was set in front of me and boy did it taste good. The tall human that picked me up dashed out the door again and I was left alone in a room with lots of things that were too tall to climb and made weird noses when operated by the humans.

The door opens and in pops the tall human with another bowl filled with something white and sets it down. I took a quick smell and decide it was going to be just fine and once I started I could not stop. The humans must have understood what I was saying after all. My insides had not felt that good in as long as I could remember.

Next thing I knew the tall human with the long hair scooped me up again and kept talking about fleas, what are fleas? She decided I needed a bath and she proceeded to pick each so called flea off of me and tossed it into the water. I have no idea what they are, but when she was done I have to admit, it did feel better.

The human swaddled me up and carried me from that little room to the place where the other humans were. The biggest human was laying down and I could sense something was wrong. They set me down next to him and I decided to explore a bit. I smelled his head first and then proceeded to walk all over him, I guess it was alright, because he let me do it. Looking for a cosy spot, returned to the top and found a place to snuggle right by his shoulder and I was asleep like that. I woke up to find myself in the same spot with the large human sleeping next to me. I snuggled around a bit more, closed my eyes and back to sleep I went.  

The next time I opened my eyes it was bright outside. The human next to me was starting to move and his eyes opened up. He looked my way and made a sound that I was not so sure about. The human with long hair swooped me up and carried me in her arms to that that room that made funny sounds. She set me down by a fresh bowl of white stuff. She watches me and then when I am done she picks me up and puts me into this box filled with tiny rocks and leaves me there. I walked around a bit and something took over me and I knew what it was for, oh I cannot talk about it, it is for you know what.

I soon found myself back by the big human who was laying down and his eyes were open. He looked at me with a scowl, I was not sure what it meant, but it didn’t look good. After walking over to him again and he didn’t do anything, but everyone else kept rubbing my head and scratching my back, this guy just laid there. It didn’t matter, I snuggled in close to his arm and off to sleep I went.

I woke up and this time there was an old furry pup right there and I mean right there. I sold up and made my way over to get a better look. She just looked at me, probably thought I was pretty cute, right? I was busy figuring things out, but I could hear the humans talking. They were not sure what to do with me next. The laying down human said, “nope we cannot keep her.” The standing up human with long hair said, “I understand, but she is so cute.” Back and forth it went for a while. Finally I heard the long haired lady talking to a small machine by her face about me and then she hung up.

The next thing I know I am in a cage and being carried out the door. I see the red machine, a door opens and inside I go. Just like that. The human with long hair is right there next to me, saying something softly to me about wishing she didn’t have to take me somewhere. We move for a little bit and then the machine stops, she gets out and comes around to pick up the cage with me in it. We walk into another building that smelled very weird.

I hear her talking to the human inside the building about how thankful she is that they will help her by taking me since the other human is recovering from cancer surgery. I have no idea what any of that means, but it sounds serious. She thanks them, snatches my head and walks out the door, leaving me with more humans who are holding me.

What seemed a second, I hear the human with long hair talking again and this time she says, “thank you so much for helping me out, I have found this little one a home.” She quickly puts me back in the cage, closes the door, and carries me away. Back in the red machine I go and off we go. A few stops and we pull into the same building where all this started. Inside I am allowed to escape the cage and I am rewarded with more white stuff to drink.

I settle down for a little late morning nap and wake up to a new human with even longer hair who is giggling at how cute I am. She tickles me, chases me, and tosses balls my way. Pretty fun I think, so I give it a try. She says, “I think I will name her Phoebe, you know from Friends.” Not sure what any of that means, but she starts saying “Phoebe” and looking at me, so I better pay attention when I hear that.

All my things were moved from the floor in the building and put into a box, I found myself back in that cage, but this time I ended up in another moving machine and away we went. I look back at that day as the first day of my pretty amazing life.

Best, Phoebe

P.S. I am now in year 5 of my great life and now live in Austin, Texas with the very long haired human. Most of my days are spent outside high in the trees on a very large cage with a large glass door. Some days you find me with my head through the cage, so I can check things out. Inside I have everything I could ever want, my own bed, all the food I could ever want, and even a water fountain with fresh water for the taking. I am very thankful that I meowed as loud as I could, I guess you could say it worked. Life is good!

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