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Wabi Sabi is one of the most forgiving home decor style choices and ideal for pet and people homes. The Spruce defines “WabiSabi” as a Japanese term that essentially means finding beauty in imperfection. Think of Wabi Sabi as a design style that combines natural elements, organic linens, and weathered accessories. Tones of grey, tan, and whites come together to create an earthy vibe. A few scratches, dents or chips only enhance the look and will give you peace of mind when your pets find themselves on the bed, furniture, or running across the floor. In this article we will explore how to create Wabi Sabi pet spaces from a corner to a pet room.

Wabi Sabi Decor Elements

  • Beds on the Floor – Wabi-Sabi style introduces low profile beds and even mattresses on the floor, which is ideal for dogs and cats who love to curl up on the bed.
  • Weathered Accessories – what better decor style to mask a few blemishes caused by our 4 legged pals. They don’t mean to scratch things up and finding a home decor style that embraces this is ideal.
  • Soft, Natural Textiles – there is nothing better than cozy textiles when snuggling up with our furry friends. Choose fabrics that are washable and don’t worry about a few wrinkles, they work with this style.
  • Natural Color Palette – Pet hair don’t care works for this home decor style. Grey, tan, white and black come together to create beautiful Wabi-Sabi spaces, the exact same colors as most pet fur.
  • Organic – a handmade, organic vibe lets this home decor style stand out. Products made with organic materials, natural dyes and simple lines.

Designing a Wabi Sabi Pet Space

  • Natural Pet Bedding – Low profile beds are a pet’s best friend, fitting right into the Wabi Sabi vibe. Choose a pet bed in a neutral color in a natural fabric and accent with a washable blanket in a contrasting neutral tone.
  • Weathered Accessories – collect a mixture of natural basket or weathered wood bowl to store pet supplies, concrete or ceramic pet bowls with coordinating food mat, and rustic coat rack to house dog leash, bag, coats, and more.
  • Soft, Natural Pet Fashion – whether your pet wears a sweater to keep warm, a jacket when it is cold outside, or a bandana to show off their style, these pet supplies are great for adding a decorative touch to your pet space and right there when you need them.
  • Dog Leash and Totes – Choose a dog leash or two to hang from your coat rack and be prepared for rain or shine while adding new textures to your pet space.
  • Minimalistic Dining – Select handmade bowls made of natural elements when designer your pet’s eating area. Add simple containers to hold pet food and treats that are on display in your space and add a decorative touch.
  • Washable Rug – A natural rug is a great way to designate your pet’s space. Choose a washable rug that is easy to clean, will help to hold pet supplies in place, and is a comfy spot to rest when the dog bed is just too far away. Another option is to create a cork floor that has a soft, organic feel.
  • Pet Art – every pet space we design includes a unique piece of pet art that fits the space and helps to tie all the elements together. There are so many great pieces of pet art, choose a black and white photo to make a large poster, or have a piece commissioned by a local artist.
  • Pet Play – add a cat tower, basket of dog toys, and a scratch pad to your pet space to keep you furry friend busy and encourage them to spent time in “their” space.

If you are not sure the exact look you are going for, consider making a mood board. They are easy to do online and they allow you to pull all the elements together onto one board to see if they work they way you hope they will before making your first purchase. is a terrific resource to create your own mood boards. Here is just one example of a Wabi Sabi Mood Board and a post on how to create one.

Wabi Sabi Mood Board

In the context of interior design and decor, a wabi sabi is a design style that embraces authenticity. It finds value in the lovingly weathered and lived-in feel. It also promotes an overall sense of peace and tranquility using simplicity.
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Another tip is to pick up a Wabi Sabi design book to get the juices flowing. Each book is filled with inspiration, color palette ideas, and wonderful design touches to bring your space to life.

the natural home book wabi sabi japanese design style ideas minimalistic pet supplies

This beautiful book, The Natural Home, offers wonderful inspiration to create a natural home decor room or home that will calm you each time you step in. Authored by Hans Blomquist and Photography by Debi Treloar truly shows a blend of Japanese Wabi-Sabi and Scandinavian styles. To see more from Hans Blomquist follow him on Instagram.

Whether you are creating a space just for your pet or if you were inspired to update your home, we hope we ignited your creativity. We love all things pets and we are inspired by those who love and care for them.

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