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Pet Summer Shop – Browse for sun-loving, water-craving pets

First One In The Pool Is A Rotten Egg!

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Hit the beach, get ready for a jump in the pool or hit the road for summer vacation with the right pet supplies for the RV, campsite or backyard. You want to do your research to find out the best summer care for your pet breed to protect them from sun rays, hot pavement and potential water hazards. It is always better to prevent pet injuries than have to repair them.


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Summer is our favorite fashion season and that is no different for our pets. Great tropical shirts with sassy sunglasses or sun shirts for the beach with paw protection shoes. Weather preventative or fun, choose the right pieces for your pet to make hot summer days even better!.

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Never Apply People Sunscreen to Pets!

One of the most important summer accessories for pets is the right sunscreen. While not all pets require it, pups who spend a lot of time in the sun should protect their skin with zinc free lotion and or pet-friendly sunscreen to ensure they don’t get sunburn and their skin is not subject to the harsh sun rays.

To help pet stay as cool as possible during the hottest days of the year, elevate them off of hot surfaces, provide them with a cooling pad, or give them inside breaks to cool off.

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Even the best swimmers are not safe in harsh waters and high waves. Place a pet-sized life jacket onto pets at the beach, on the boat, or at the river to ensure they have added protection.

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A great summer accessory, but also a smart idea for pets who love to ride with their heads out of the window, travel with you on your bike, or enjoy fast rides on the boat to protect their eyes from wind, debris, and the sun’s harsh rays.

Cool, clean water is the best choice for pets in the summer. No ice needed.

When traveling during the summer months it is so important to keep pets hydrated. There may be water all around, but not a drop to drink. Offer water often to ensure you pet drinks.

Browse our pet-friendly tropical party shop to find everything you need to host a tropical themed pool, backyard, or park party for pets and people. Go all Hawaiian with a full-blown luau, pink flamingo fandango, or a beach ball party.

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You Are Never Too Old To Go Out And Play!

Summertime does not always mean the beach, so many spend summers at the campground, in the RV, or by the river. When pets are along for outdoor summer adventures, it is important to be prepared. Our Outdoor Pet Supplies Shop is filled with tips, tricks, and helpful products to browse. From pet-sized tents and cozy sleeping bags to travel food & water supplies and water-proof collars & leashes. No matter what your outdoor adventures are, stock up on the right outdoor pet supplies and enjoy the journey.