Pet Flotation Shop – dog & cat life jackets for the beach, pool or boat

Water safety it important for pets and people!!!

Spending time outdoors with our pets is more popular than ever and finding play spaces near or in the water is a must, on hot summer days. Grabbing personal flotation devices for the whole family will keep everyone safe. Don’t forget to grab the pet flotation devices for the pups. Choose the best fit for your dog breed, swimming capability and planned time in the water.



Pet Personal Floatation Devices

From extra buoyancy for pups that don’t exactly float to brightly colored jackets that are easy to spot for dogs who are happy to swim away. While it is not often you take the cat on the paddle board or boat, if you do, don’t forget a jacket for them too, we don’t want to waste any of their nine lives!

Q. Does my dog need a personal flotation device on a boat, kayak, canoe or paddle board?
A. Yes, it is always a good idea, even if your dog is a good swimmer. This will help them stay afloat, make them easier to find and provide you something to grab onto if necessary.
dog boat water life jacket float flotation summer beach pool

Q. Should all dogs wear a life jacket near or when in the water?

A. For puddles, small streams and laying next to the pool, we are going to say no, but when spending time on any boat, white water rafting, outdoor water sports or a day on a busy beach, keeping them safe with a personal flotation device is very smart.

If you are daring enough to take your kitty on the boat, paddle board or kayaking grab a Standly Life Jacket for the best fit based on the experts at

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