Pet Nursery Decor – be inspired to create an amazing cat or dog nursery, baby room playroom

There Is Nothing Like Growing Up With A Pet By Your Side!

Choose a focal point that inspires your nursery, no need to choose a themed collection, pick and choose decor elements that coordinate with your focal. Art, bedding or even a book are a great place to start and then choose your color palette, furniture, and your accessories. Pet nurseries are a great theme choice as they can grow with your child igniting their love of dogs, cats and animals of all kinds.

Welcome to our Pet Theme Nursery Shop where you will find oodles of Pet Nursery Decor for baby rooms, play spaces and of course nurseries. Browse these fun themes that all make a terrific choice for pet families, animal lovers or just fun for little ones. We challenged our design team to share their favorite tips, tricks and ideas for creating the perfect nursery. Of course we do our nurseries pet style, but these tips are great for any baby room theme and ideal for homes with pets and people.


Pet Nursery Themes

pet nursery dog theme nurseries

Create a classic dog themed nursery in mustard, blue and brown tones.

black white crib toys baby art decor shower nursery

Black and white set the perfect tone for nursery spaces that grown with your child.

Soft blue tones and white create a wonderful dog themed nursery.

LEAD vintage boho cat kitten kitty decor nursery pet animal

Explore antique colors, vintage accents and cats abound.

Vintage pink, grey and cream create a beautiful kitten nursery.

Create a classic dog themed nursery in mustard, blue and brown tones.

Choose a piece of art to inspire your nursery theme and color palette

Animal touches in unexpected places create amazing decor spaces.

pet nursery decor

Tips to help you create the most amazing pet themed nursery.

Add dog, cat and animal hardware to furniture, cabinets and drawers.

dog cat pet hardware supplies materials design wallpaper knobs hooks replace repair ideas theme decor guest room

Add pet themed wallpaper, stencils or wall art to create amazing spaces.

LEAD bedroom holiday

Choose a dog, cat or animal theme to create a great guest or child’s room.

Contrast rooms are so trendy and a great start for a nursery that will grow.

Or tell us more and let us help you find the right match….