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Pet Leather Collars | Sturdy. Style. Sophisticated.

A curated collection of quality leather dog collars in a variety of styles, colors and sizes.

Welcome to our Pet Leather Collar Shop filled with our favorite pet fashion for the neck from handmade to one of a kind styles. Each collar is made of genuine leather or a faux option that is durable and looks great. Choose from natural tones or elegant color leather collars.

Classy Leather Collars Speak Louder Than Words!

When we say classic, we mean functional, high quality and classic styles. We truly believe that your pet should have a collar that not only shows off their personality, but also a high quality, comfy collar that fits them well, does not bother their neck and functions well.

Leather Designer Dog Collars in Colors

Choosing a pop of color is a fun way to show off your team spirit, dog’s personality or even holiday cheer.

Or tell us more and let us help you find the right match….