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Pet Fiesta Party Supplies and Gift Shop

If you are looking for fiesta party theme ideas, a gift for a pet-lover or want to celebrate a pet adoption, this is a great theme for pets and people.

Fiesta Pet Supplies

An array of pet and people friendly dog party decor, costumes, hats, prizes and foodie products.

Host a Fiesta Party for pets and people:

Parties with pets and people is trending and we just love that. Hosting a party that welcomes pets and people is a great ideas, especially for pet owners who love to take their pets with them wherever they go.

Hosting a fiesta, taco or Mexican themed party is a great theme for all ages and pets.  We have curated some great decorating ideas, inspiration and pet friendly products that will help you bring your fiesta party ideas to life.  


mexican paper flowers colorful paper flowers for fiesta mexican party decor - school, pet party, graduation, birthday

Mexican Paper Flowers – Set the tone for your fiesta with these beautiful paper flowers you can display at the front door, porch or bring it inside and decorate the walls, light fixtures or table top.

DIY fiesta mexican paper fans in vibrant colors.  decorating ideas for fiestas, parties and mexican themed events

Fiesta Paper Fans – we chose this collection for the rich colors, assorted sizes and they are so easy to display.  Hang from the ceiling, make a garland or add them to table top decor.

Add a Fiesta Banner to pet party decor for an authentic style party decorations. The colors set the tone for the party decor and are great for photography and backdrops.

Fiesta Table Decor & Centerpieces

Fiesta Pet Supplies

Fiesta Party Food & Drink Supplies


Cutlery Display in Large Sombrero Hat – a large sombrero hat is a great way to display different items on your food bar. We love the idea of wrapping and displaying silverware in this sombrero.  You can stack them high to accommodate  your guest list. You can also fill this hat with tortilla chips, bowls of salsa or line it and fill with desserts.

Having colorful treats for dogs at the party table is a lot of fun, they actually can be eaten by humans, but ideal for dogs, so slice, dry and display colorful veggies for your dog and people fiesta.  

dog taco mexican food recipe ideal for fiesta party dog food gifts #dogmilk #tumbleweedtacosfordogs #homemadedogfood
Wonderful recipe by Dog|Milk.com for Tumbleweed Dog Tacos for the link and more recipe and food visit our Pinterest Page. For more recipes

Creating great spaces for food, drinks and dessert that have their own personality is so much fun to plan.  Grab pedestals to add layers.  You can also put boxes under the tablecloth to add height.  

fiesta cake decor ideas for pets and people wedding birthday showers and special occasions dog pet recipes for cakes and treats

Cakes can be one of the most fun parts of your party plan.  Like the bride and groom cakes at a wedding you can design a people and a pet cake.

Cakes can be one of the most fun parts of your party plan.  Like the bride and groom cakes at a wedding you can design a people and a pet cake.

 People and Pet Party Games

Planning a few games that your guests can do as a team, pet and person or even for the dogs on their own can be a lot of fun.  You will want to have some prizes on hand for the winners.  

Dog and People Scavenger Hunt – a fun game for pets and people is to give a list of items to find – you can send them on a walk, in the yard or at the park.  You might want to make sure everyone has poo bags for the walk about.  You can have them find actual items or use their phone and take a selfie or photo with dog at certain spots.  

Mexican Dog Jumping Bean Game – using a ball see which of the dogs can jump the highest.  

Doggie Limbo – dogs love to sneak under a fence or get down low when they are on the prowl.  See which dog can get the lowest without knocking off the pole.

Bring it all together and add your own touches like Corona Bottles filled with colored water and flowers, real peppers used as confetti and green, red and gold beads that match your decor.  

Have a great party!!!! The Wild Love Tails Team