Pets On The Wall – Pet Art A

Your home is a reflection of you and no matter what you home decor style is, if you are a pet loving home, why not include a little pet art and decor. Creating beautiful home settings is one of our favorite tasks and we never create a space without leaving a little reminder of our love for pets and people. Sometimes a pup on the shelf, maybe a vintage piece of dog art on the wall or pillows that show off the special place in our hearts for pets.

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Here is how it works: click on the link to find out more and if you would like to purchase any of the items on our site from any of our affiliates, please do. We love to find great items and take out the middle-man, leading you right to great products, deals and specials. Sometimes we do get a small percentage of the sale from the affiliate link at no cost to you, so we appreciate you and our affiliates for supporting us and we hope you love what we have put together. For your full disclosure details.

Pet Typography, Board Art and Fun Sayings

Simple words that say so much. Add them to a bookshelf, incorporate them in a pet and people gallery art wall or a side table.

Modern Dog Art Photography

Adding dog photography you have taken, you have had taken or a professional photographer has created that captures your pup is a wonderful choice for home accents in your pet and people home. Choose black and white or full on color depending on your home decor style and color palette. Here are a few great options to inspire or some you may want to display in your home.

Dog and Cat Fine Art Pieces

There are some truly amazing artists who focus on pet art, custom pet art and multi-media works of art. Here are some of our favorite animal art, by some of our favorite artists.

Cecil Aldin Bull Terrier Etching Dog Circa 1935 Art Print #dogart #vintagedog #dogsketch #petgallerywall
Bull Terrier Etching by Cecil Aldin, a British artist with a love of dogs and horses.
picasso dachshund wiener dog sketch art black and white
Picasso Dog Sketch – simplistic beauty of this black and white piece ideal for modern pet-friendly home decor.

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