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Pet Industrial Decor and Home Accents

Industrial Pet Beds

Functional, classic pet-sized furniture pieces that stand out on their own.

Modern Pet Collars & Leashes

Industrial Leash & Coat Racks

Industrial Pet Toys

Industrial Pet Decor & Accessories

Choose a few unique animal home accent pieces for modern, urban pet and people spaces.

Industrial decor is characterized by a raw, rugged, and utilitarian aesthetic that draws inspiration from factories, warehouses, and industrial spaces. Here is a list of key elements commonly found in industrial-style decor:

Here’s a breakdown of Industrial essential elements:

  1. Exposed Brick Walls: Leaving brick walls exposed, or using brick veneers, adds a rustic and authentic industrial touch.
  2. Concrete Floors: Polished or stained concrete floors are a staple of industrial design, providing durability and an urban feel.
  3. Raw Wood: Reclaimed or weathered wood is used for flooring, furniture, and accents, adding warmth and contrast to the industrial aesthetic.
  4. Metal Furniture: Furniture pieces made from metal, such as steel or iron, with simple, clean lines are a hallmark of industrial decor.
  5. Vintage Industrial Lighting: Pendant lights with metal shades, Edison bulbs, and industrial-style fixtures are popular for lighting.
  6. Minimalist Design: Keep the decor simple and functional, with a focus on practicality and utility.
  7. Utilitarian Decor: Incorporate items like old factory carts, metal storage cabinets, and workbenches into your decor.
  8. Neutral Color Palette: Stick to a neutral color scheme with shades like gray, black, white, and brown, with occasional pops of industrial blue or red.
  9. Vintage and Repurposed Items: Vintage signage, industrial machinery parts, and repurposed materials can be used as decor elements.
  10. Minimalistic Art: Industrial decor often features abstract or minimalist artwork that complements the overall aesthetic.
  11. Leather and Canvas: Industrial-style furniture often incorporates leather or canvas upholstery for a vintage touch.
  12. Industrial Hardware: Exposed hinges, latches, and handles on furniture and cabinetry add an authentic touch.
  13. Rustic Accessories: Decorative items like vintage clocks, gears, pulleys, and exposed gears can enhance the industrial theme.
  14. Textured Fabrics: Incorporate textured fabrics like burlap, canvas, and denim in upholstery, curtains, and throw pillows.
  15. Muted or Distressed Finishes: Furniture and decor items often have muted or distressed finishes to enhance the industrial look.
  16. Industrial Artifacts: Authentic industrial artifacts like old machinery, factory equipment, or signage can serve as unique deco

Remember that industrial decor can be personalized to suit your preferences, so feel free to mix and match elements and incorporate your unique style into the design.