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Welcome to the Industrial Pet Bed Shop filled with trendy, urban dog cat and pet beds that are a perfect fit for modern, minimalistic home spaces. Rugged textiles, animal prints and deep color tones are a great choice when outfitting an industrial style pet space. Industrial home decor style is inspired by the rugged aesthetics of warehouses, factories, and other industrial spaces. This design style merges raw, utilitarian features with a modern or vintage twist to create a uniquely sophisticated and no-nonsense look.

Leather and faux leather is a great choice for industrial spaces.

Animal prints are a great choice as a focal point for industrial spaces to add texture, color, and interest.

Exposed brick walls, rustic wood, and visible metalwork play a major role in the industrial decor.

Inspired by the open floor plans of warehouses and factories, industrial-style homes often have spacious, open areas. Choose an oversized pet bed that is a focal point.

An industrial space often has a tactile quality to it. Smooth concrete, rough brick, and aged wood all come together in a harmonious manner.

Industrial interiors feature a neutral color scheme, relying on grays, blacks, tans and whites. Rugged textures, layered textiles and deep tones.

The industrial home decor style offers a rough yet refined aesthetic, bringing together the allure of aged structures with modern design principles. It’s a style that’s both functional and stylish, making it popular among urban dwellers and lovers of unique interiors.

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