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Farmhouse Pet Beds

Explore dog beds that are functional, comfortable and created with cozy fabrics and accents!

Welcome to our Farmhouse Pet Bed Shop where you will find a wonderful collection of dog, cat and pet beds in a Farmhouse design style. Also called modern farmhouse when infused with contemporary elements, is rooted in the simplicity and functionality with a welcoming cozy, charming feel. It celebrates comfortable and unpretentious living.

When function meets style we all it Farmhouse Design!

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The Farmhouse style prioritizes the use of natural materials like wood, linen and cotton. Repurposed fabrics, reclaimed wood and touches of leather finish the look.

A Farmhouse color scheme is often subdued, leaning towards whites, creams, soft grays, and beige. Pops of muted colors, like sage green, dusty blue, or buttery yellow, may be added for warmth and character.

Incorporating antiques, vintage items, or heirlooms provides character and a connection to the past. These items often serve both decorative and functional purposes.

To balance the hard, natural materials, farmhouse design often includes soft textiles like throws, cushions, and rugs in linens, cotton, and other natural fibers.

Furniture pieces in the farmhouse style are often oversized, comfortable, and inviting. They should evoke the feel of a lived-in space, with weathered finishes and fabrics that are soft and easily maintainable.

When creating Farmhouse pet spaces, consider vintage animal art, an old wash board or a quilt to give depth and texture. Here is great tutorial to make your own quilt pet bed.

Simple vintage prints such as ticking, buffalo check and tone on tone fabrics are perfect choices for pet beds. Choose grey, black, tan that contrast with whites and creams.

Choose a pet bed that is the same color as as your pet’s fur to help keep pet fur at bay. Black, grey, brown, tan or white are all terrific options.

Denim & Chambray are wonderful textiles for Farmhouse pet beds. A great DIY project to repurpose old blue jeans or choose one of these great options.

When a pet crate is a must choose distressed wood, metal accents and a barn door design.