Dog Walking Etiquette – Dog walking rules training tips, tricks and trinkets to do it right.

Are you up on the latest in Dog Walking Etiquette? It is time to talk details and essentials that are needed to walk the dog in style.  Gone are the days of slipping out of the house with dog and running free.  Oh no, there is dog walking etiquette that we all should follow.  To help make it easy to follow the guidelines, enjoy the walk and have a good time with your pup, we found some great products, good ideas and things you might think about when it comes to walking the dog.

Dog Home Organization - coat tree, dog leash holder, coat hooks, toy basket, hats #doghome

Keeping it all together and ready for the next dog walk is easy with this Bench and Coat Rack from Pottery Barn

How It Works

Dog Walking Etiquette is pretty simple and according to they break it down to 4 simple points.

1. Use a Leash to keep your dog and people safe (and comfortable)

2. Be Respectful of people, dogs and property (even if they say it does not matter)

3. Pick up the Poop (even if it is not a rule)

4. Be Cognizant of the pets and people around you (not everyone is an animal person)

Here is a great article with stats and facts about dog walking that you will find fascinating.  Did you know the average dog is walked almost 9 hours a week?  Monday is the most skipped dog walking day of the week.  Dog owners walk more than those who do not own dogs in general, so that means having a dog can make you a bit more fit, who knew.  

If you are going to walk the dog, why not two dogs!!!!

Here are some cool products that will help you fulfill your path to good dog walking etiquette.  You can click on the photos or the product links to find out more about each of them.  We source our products through a wide range of affiliates that are all focused on amazing pet products that we believe in.

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Let’s Talk Poop Bags

Ok so no one wants to talk about poo bags, but they are part of a dog walkers life. Even if there is not a sign or rule that you should pick up the poop, we think it is always a good idea. Here are some very cool, environmentally friendly options you might want to check out. For more options visit us on Pinterest – Poops and Scoops

Store the Poop Bags

There are some very clever ways to camouflage your waste bags for a walk in the park, about town or even in the parade. From handmade leather to modern in style, these carriers will hook onto backpacks, belt loops or your leash with a little style. For more options visit us on Pinterest and see what is out there to buy, handmade or to make yourself – Dog Waste Bags and Carriers

No Touch Poop Pick Up

If picking up the poop in a bag with your hands is just not your thing, here are a few clever gadgets that help you pick up without actually using a hands on approach.

Dog Walking Totes and Backpacks

Walking in style with your pup is what it is all about. Fill a tote or backpack with toys, blanket, leash, water and treats for a walk or the day. Head out for a walk, to the park or the farmer’s market and you have all you need for you and the dog no matter what comes your way. For more functional, cute and trendy dog walking bags visit our Pinterest Page – Pet Lover Tote Bags and Backpacks


Backpacks are deal for hands free walks with your pet. Here are some great options that will hold up on your back or if you have to set them down. Leather, denim or nylon fabric are great choices that will hold up and offer a water-proof option.

Crossbody and Fanny Packs

These tiny hands-free options are ideal for a hike, walk or run around town with the pup. Enough room for dog stuff and people stuff and the freedom to run and walk as needed.

Trends are changing and pet walking has become a “thing” here are some fun pet walking products for those who don’t walk the dog, but walk the cat, chicken or even hedgehog.

If you are taking one of these fine creatures for a walk about, don’t forget to use the same etiquette as you would walking a larger 4 legged friend.