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The Pawsitive Guide to Mastering Dog Walking With Proper Potty Etiquette

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The Pawsitive Guide to Mastering Dog Walking With Proper Potty Etiquette

Mastering dog walking with proper potty etiquette is an art and one every dog owner must strive to accomplish! Some dog walkers take the process quite serious while others are not so into showing off their potty clean up skills. Our hope is to encourage everyone to give it their all and help keep it clean for the next guy!

Let’s Cover The Dog Potty Etiquette Basics:

Rule #1 Always carry poop bags

Rule #2 Put your dog’s poop in a poop bag

Rule #3 Put full poop bag in the ground, compost or trash

We realize that poop clean up is probably the worst part of life with dogs, so we say, just own it and be a rockstar poop picker upper!

Many will argue that picking up dog poop, a natural occurrence in life and putting it into plastic bags is not great for the environment and to this we can agree, but luckily there are some pretty clever inventors out there who have created some pretty environmentally friendly pet poop bags. Here are a couple of our favorite Environmentally Friendly Dog Poop Bags:


COMPOSTABLE: These unscented poop bags are ethically sourced and manufactured from 100% botanical plant components including cornstarch, BPAT (compostable polymer), and edible glycerin. Even the box is made from recycled materials for a nice added environmental touch!

QUALITY: The bags themselves are roomy, strong and easy to open, while these attributes may seem small, they are significant in the world of poop pick up. The rolls are sized to fit most poop bag holders and dispensers and can be stored in the handy box they are shipped in.

GIVING BACK: Curtis and Katie the founders G.A.S. are big believers in the power of giving back and have partnered with the Soi Dog Foundation, whose mission is to improve the lives of dogs and cats in Asia, donating 10% of all profits to the Soi Dog Foundation.


ECO SMART: This product is perfectly suited to our planet! These plant-based dog poop bags poop bags are totally different from the other poop bags, they are made using only 100% botanical plant components, cornstarch, which also improves the strength of the bags so they won’t rip or tear while doing their job.

BIODEGRADABLE: Ready for the compost, buried in the grand or the trash if that is the only option. These bags are designed to become one with nature and give back rather than increase the carbon footprint. The materials and the anticipated contents are all natural and ready to give back rather than take away.

RIGHT COLOR: While many dog poop bags are green, pretty colors, or neutral, these bags are black! The perfect color to hide everything inside with ease. Just like a classic black dress, the Put In After Pet poop bags are the perfect choice for pet-owners who like classic, transcending pet supplies.

As dogs do not come with instructions, dog potty etiquette may be news to some, so here are the basics on Pet-Eti. You might also want to check the local ordinances to ensure that you are walking your dog in the right places and following the guidelines.

  1. Always pick up after your dog whether in public or private. Keeping dog poop bags with you at all times will help you make that happen. Tie a few to your leash or attach a poop bag holder to the leash so it is always with you.
  2. Use a leash for every walk unless you are in an off-leash space. No only will this keep you dog safely with you, but it will protect them from those around them. Choose a leash that has room for attaching a poop bag holder.
  3. You know your dog better than anyone, announce your dog’s personality to help others feel more comfortable.
  4. For long dog walks or on very hot days, bring water for both you and your dog. Keeping dogs hydrated and reminding them to drink is so important for their overall health.
  5. Consider pet walk training for pets who walk with other dog, for busy areas or to encourage good behavior. When you and your dog know and use basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it” will make every dog walk a great experience.
  6. Be ready for the weather, some dog breeds acclimate well to any climate and have the ability to cool themselves down and heat themselves up, but many pet breeds who have little fur, exposed necks and thin structures could use a little help staying warm in cold climates and may need pet-friendly sunscreen in the heat of the day.
  7. Protect pet paws from hot pavement, rugged terrain, and debris with a set of pet-sized hiking boots or shoes.
  8. Reflective pet supplies are ideal for early morning or late night walks. LED collars, leashes and reflective vest are great options for helping you and your pet stand out when the light is low.
  9. GPS collars are a great option for pets who are prone to run, even on a leash they may be clever enough to catch you off guard. Tracking their movement or knowing you can if required track their movements will give you piece of mind.
  10. Keep a dog walking schedule that works for both you and your dog. They look forward to it and it will help eliminate messes in the house and overactive pups.

Here is a great article with stats and facts about dog walking that you will find fascinating.  Did you know the average dog is walked almost 9 hours a week?  Monday is the most skipped dog walking day of the week.  Dog owners walk more than those who do not own dogs in general, so that means having a dog can make you a bit more fit, who knew.  

Dog Walking Packing List:

Ok so maybe it is a bit of an overkill, but you have your based covered when you tote, backpack or fanny pack is packed for the walk.

  1. Poop Bags
  2. Bottle of Water
  3. Portable Water Bowl
  4. Flashlight
  5. Reflective Collar (incase you stay out later than planned)
  6. Dog Treats

Paw Note: When walking two or more dogs, you will want to pack plenty of poop bags, consider harnesses that allow you to hook each pooch up independently to the main leash and have a small portable water bowl for each pup to make sure they all have plenty of water.

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So brush up on your dog walking pets-eti and then walk the walk and talk the talk. The world needs more dog walking leaders and we are counting on you.

Happy walking! 🐾