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Dog Balls

Dedicated to most dog’s favorite toy, BALLS!


Dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes can be ball-obsessed. While some find it entertaining to destroy as many balls as possible, others actually collect and protect them, hiding them here and there. It is important to find the right type of ball to protect your dog’s teeth, jaw, and muscles from damage.

Did someone say ‘get the ball’

The perfect gadget for pet owners who need a little help keeping up with their dog’s ball-obsession.

Known for being the best dog launching product on the market, ChuckIt!® does it right. Many of their products are made in America, making us love them even more.

best ball launcher
Original ChuckIt!® Launcher

The original ChuckIt!® Ball launcher is going strong after 20 years. A more upright design, it might be the perfect angle for your toss. Its hands free – Slobber-free pickup™ is a plus! Made in the USA #originaldogballlauncher #madeinamerica

Junior ChuckIt!® Launcher

This pint size ChuckIt!® launcher is the right choice for small backyards or for pups who don’t love to run too far during ball play. This one also comes with the hands free – Slobber-free pickup™ is a plus! Made in the USA #backyardplay #ballobsessed #dogs

Sport ChuckIt!® Launcher

The newest ChuckIt!® launcher, this handy lightweight gadget is said to launch 2-3 times farther than the others making it a great choice for ball-obsessed pups. Its hands free – Slobber-free pickup™ is a plus! Made in the USA #bestdogballlauncher #madeinamerica

travel ball launcher
Fold Up Chuckit!® Toss Tool

Toss this folding ChuckIt!® Ball Launcher in your backpack, beach bag, or camper and be ready for dog play on the go. The same great dog ball tossing gadget in half the space. The Slobber-free pickup™ is always a plus. #travelwithpets #petsonthego #ballobsessed

ChuckIt!® Gearbox Launch Set

Chewy offers the perfect assortment of Chuckit!® Balls and its Folding ChuckIt Launcher to help you find which ball is the right choice for your pup. The Slobber-free pickup™ keeps hands dry during ball play. #doggift #dogtoys #dogplay #ballobsessed

GoDogGo Dog Ball Launcher

For pups that cannot get enough and you cannot keep up with tossing, try this automatic ball toss. Fill with balls and turn it on. You still may have to go find the balls if your pup is better at fetching them than bringing them to you. #enoughisnotenough #ballplay

Chuckit!® Ultra Ball® 2pk

Designed for the game of fetch, the Chuckit!® Ultra Ball® are a great choice when using the launcher or for a simple game of toss. The same size as a tennis ball, but much better suited for dog play time. #fetch #catch #dogplay #dogball #chuckit

ChuckIt!® Crunch Ball

Sized to fit with the ChuckIt!® Launcher, this ball was designed to make a crackle or crunch sound. Ideal for pups who are attracted to making noises and respond well to sounds when playing. #letsplayball #dogtime #fetch #catchball #allforthedog

ChuckIt!® Squeaker Ball

There is nothing like a good squeaker ball and tis ChuckIt!® ball is fit for their launcher and ready to give hours of squeaking pleasure. #bestdogtoys #playball #dogswholoveballs #chuckit!

Chuckit!® The Whistler Dog Toy

Add a little whistle to the play with this unique ChuckIt!® ball. Play catch or launcher it with the ChuckIt!® launcher. #whistle #dogplay #playforkeeps #playfor hours #dogsgonnawin

Peanut Butter Scent Ball

A great choice for dogs who are driven by smell. This peanut butter scented ball will help them sniff out its location. Toss by hand or launch from the ChuckIt!® launcher. #peanutbutter #doglovespeanutbutter #letsplayball

Glow In The Dark Ball

When playing fetch at dusk or nighttime, choose a glow in the dark option to help you keep an eye on the ball. Launch with a ChuckIt! launcher or toss by hand to keep it close by. #nighttimetoss #dogplayatnight #afterdarkwiththedog

soft dog ball
Chuckit! Indoor Dog Ball

When outdoor play is not an option, grab this soft indoor dog ball. Ideal for hallway, basement, and kitchen play. #indoordogplaytime #tosstheball #letsplayball #chuckit

glow in the dark ball
ChuckIt Glow In The Dark Ball

Max Glow is ChuckIt!’s best nighttime ball, glowing as you play. A wonderful choice when later play is ideal due to heat, working late or the need to get rid of some excess energy before bed! #dogsplayatnight #lotsofengery

ChuckIt! Flier

When your dog has trouble gripping a ball, this disk flier is a great alternative. Experiement with throwing techniques to find the perfect distance for your pup. #letsplayoutdoors #gooutsideandplay

Hyper Pet Balls & Launching Tools

Just one of Cosmic Pet’s pets collections of fantastic pet toys. This patented collection takes dog balls and launching serious. They are a team of responsible pet lovers that connect people with their pets through innovative, unique, and stimulating products.

Hyper Pet Ball Launcher

Measured at 60 feet, this is a great ball launcher gun. Easy to trigger your pup will have hours of entertainment while you save your arm. Load a few balls at a time and play some ball. #gothedistance #dogsloveballs

Hyper Pet 4 Ball Launcher

This manual dog ball launcher works like a sling helping you to toss them farther than you can by hand. A great choice when you want to fold it up and take it on the go. #dogslovetofetch #lets playable

Hyper Pet Single Ball Launcher

Hyper Pet’s ball launcher stick is retractable, making it a great choice to keep in the backpack, beach bag, or on your belt when spending time outdoors with pups. #atthebeach #dogplayanytime

Mini Tennis Ball Gun

Smaller dogs need smaller balls to lay with and this pint sizes ball launcher gun is a great choice for smaller dogs or pups with smaller jaw structure. #smalldogbigpersonality #itisnotthesizethatcoun

Mini Pet Tennis Balls

Mini tennis ball refill for Hyper Pet launcher gun. Great for indoor and outdoor play for smaller breeds who absolutely love to play ball. #neverunderestimatethelittleones #smallbutmightly

dog-friendly tennis balls
Bag of Dog Tennis Balls

Standard tennis ball size dog balls. Sized to fit all Hyper Pet gadgets except the Mini Gun. A great size for most dog breeds. #dogslovetennisballs #hyperpet #dogslovetoplayball #cannotgetenough fetch

Experts in the field of launching guns and family play do it again with their Nerf Dog Collection. Their Nerf Dog Ball Launcher has been known to launch 50 feet. Some say it is pretty loud, so if your pup is jumpy, this might not be the best choice.

Nerf Dog Ball Launcher Gun

Measured up to 50 feet, this dog ball launcher by Nerf is a great choice for outdoor ball play. Holds standard tennis ball size balls and can be launched straight or into the air for fun pet play. #nerfmaging #dogslovenerf

nerf dog balls
Nerf Dog Launcher Gun Refill Tennis Balls

Nerf makes tennis balls fun with their color choices. Make it easy to find your ball at the dog park, playground, or at the park. Take 3 of one color and let them stand out. #dogsatthepark #dogslovetofetch

Glow In The Dark Nerf Dog Ball

Choose the Nerf glow in the dark ball when playing fetch at night or dusk to make ball tracking a little easier. Fits into standard Nerf Ball Launching Gun. #whynotplayatnight #gooutandplay #nightine

nerf dog balls
Bulk Nerf Dog Tennis Balls

A bucket of standard sized tennis balls that were designed for dog play. Grab to the bucket for hours of play. #tennisballs #dogballs

dog balls launcher
Small Tennis Ball Launcher Set

Mini dog ball launcher is sized for small breed dogs who love to play fetch just as much as the larger breed pups. #smallbutmighty

Mega Tough Nerf Dog Balls

For more aggressive chewers try Nerf’s Mega Tough balls which have been tested to stand up to chewers. #toughpups toy

We would love to tell you the perfect size ball for your dog, but it is not that simple. While most dog ball manufactures try to not the best weight or breed size, it really comes down to knowing your dog, their jaw structure, and how aggressive they are. The ball should fit comfortably in their mouth and be large enough not to swallow.

Teacup & Tiny Breed Dog Balls

tiny tennis balls
Miniature Dog Tennis Balls

Yes they are so tiny. Measuring 1.5 inches, these pint size tennis balls are lots of fun for your teacup pup or play with puppies to toss around their first ball. A fun prop for pet photos. #toydogs #teacupdogs #tinydogs

glo in the dark dog balls
Small Fetch & Glow Dog Balls

Spunky Pup takes care of the little guys with these 1 3/4 inch dog balls that glow in the dark. Ideal for evening play or for ease when they find themselves under the furniture. #smallandmighty #livingthelife #teacupdogs

Mini Pink Dog-Friendly Balls

These small but mighty dog tennis balls are perfect for pups who have tiny jaws. Safe for dog teeth they are ideal for indoor and outdoor play. Available in additional colors. #pinktennisballs #smalldogsrule #smallandmighty

2 inch Floating Dog Ball

When a standard tennis ball size is too large for your pup, this 2 in dog ball is a great choice. This durable ball is ideal for fetch, chase, and water play. Fun play in the lake, river, or pool. Don’t forget life jacket for little pups! #dogwaterplay

4.5 inch indestructible Dog Ball

The right ball choice for mighty little pups who don’t know their own strength. Designed to NOT fit into your dog’s mouth but rather a ball to heard, toss and play with. Made in USA. #agressivelittledogs #smallbutmighty

Small Scented Dog Balls

These pint size dog balls measure 2 inches and are perfect for aggressive little chewers. Scented to add extra entertainment. Designed by dog lovers.

Medium Breed Dog Balls

Sm Kong Aggressive Chew Ball

Sized to fit medium and large breed dogs who need a smaller diameter ball. The same size as a standard tennis ball, measuring 2.5in it is an ideal ball choice for pups who don’t always know their own strength. Made in the USA.

6 inch Indestructible Dog Ball

The perfect entertainment for pups 15-50 lbs. Select this sizes if it will not fit into your dog’s mouth. It is designed to be moved, jostled, and chased, not for chewing. Made in America. #smartdogtoys #americanmade

Playology Scented Dog Ball

Sized for medium and large breed dogs this 2.5 inch ball will fit standard launchers and has the added benefit of being scented. Rated for aggressive chewers and ideal for fetch. #greatdogtoy

Harry Barker Dog Balls

This set of 6 Harry Barker Dog Balls are a great gift for your best dog. These standard size balls measure 2.5 inches and can be tossed near and far. They are designed to be filled with a dog treat or just hours of fetch fun. #harrybarker

herding dog balls
18 inch Herding Ball

Sized for medium dog breeds and up, this over-sized herding ball is 18 inches and ideal for training, fitness, and play. Removable cover can be replaced and protects inner ball. #herdingdogs #letsgetfit

cage open weave dog ball
Cage Dog Ball

This open weave ball is ideal for pups who try to take on more than their mouth can chew. Their mouth can find the perfect way to hold without extending their jaw. #smartdogtoys #ballobsessed

Large Breed Dog Balls

kong dog balls
Kong Aggressive Chewer Ball

Rated as one of the best dog balls, this heavy duty toy is a winner with aggressive chewer dog owners. Ideal for large and XL dogs and medium dog breeds with larger jaw structure it is great for a game of fetch. Measuring 3 inch diameter. Made in the USA .#madeinAmerica

10 inch Indestructible Dog Ball

Sized for pups 45 lbs or greater. Not designed for play in mouth but rather for herding and movement with snout, mouth, or paws. Ideal for large dog breeds that love to heard and travel with their ball. Made in the USA. #madeintheUSA #dogsloveballs

8 inch Indestructible Dog Ball

A great size for dogs weighing 25-50 lbs. This hard plastic ball is designed to no fit inside your pup’s mouth, but to be played with their paws or schnoz. A great backyard toy with plenty of entertainment. Made in USA. #madeinUSA

treat dog balls
3 inch Harry Barker Dog Balls

These 3 in dog balls by Harry Barker are designed to be treat filled or just tossed. Made of high quality rubber and they have a reputation of holding up to the most aggressive dog ball fans. #harrybarker #dogballs #letsplayball

Fleece 8 in Dog Ball

For pups that love them a ball that they can care for, this 8 inch stuffed sherpa fleece ball is a great choice. Easy to carry, a perfect pillow, or great snuggle at nap time. #dogswholoveballs

Floating Slick Dog Ball

Slightly larger than a standard tennis ball, this 2.75 inch slick sided ball has proven to stand up to aggressive chewers. It floats, it easily wipes off, and it is durable. #letsplayball #gooutsideandplay

XL Breed Dog Balls

14 inch Indestructible Dog Ball

The team at Doggie Dooley have heavy duty dog balls figured out. These dog toys are made of extremely strong plastic that will hold up to the most aggressive chewers. The 14 inch is the ideal size option and ideal for pups weighing at least 75 lbs. The ball is designed for play and not be fit into your pup’s mouth. Made in USA.

XL Playology Beef Dog Ball

Many dogs respond well to scented toys and the top selling scented balls by Playology are proof. At 3.25 inches it is perfect for large and Xl dog breeds. Available in 5 different food scents. Ideal for aggressive chewers rating it a 5 on their scale.

xl dog balls
Jumbo Dog Tennis Ball

This over-sized dog-friendly tennis ball is a fun choice for backyard play. Sized right for pet and people soccer play and ground movement. The bright yellow color makes it easy to locate. #dogslovetennisballs #bigdogsbigballs #bigballs

Nubbed Large Breed Dog Ball

This dubbed ball measures 5 inches and designed for large breed aggressive chewers. The nubs help to clean dog teeth a bit. Made of heavy duty rubber that this easy to keep clean. Non-toxic and pet-safe.

Dental Assist Balls

Playing with balls can provide dogs with ample exercise, helping to keep them fit and healthy. However, it’s essential to use appropriately sized balls for your dog to prevent choking. Always supervise playtime, especially if your dog is a vigorous chewer who could break the ball into smaller pieces.

spiky dog balls
Spiky Dog Balls

Choose dog balls that are soft, with spikes to help keep your dog’s teeth clean while they enjoy a little play time. Toss the ball, play catch, or make this their inside ball.

dental dog balls
Kong Dental Chewer

Keep your pups strong teeth and gums strong with a little dental ball play. Ideal for larger breed dogs.

Dental Health Dog Bowl

Oral health dog ball designed for more aggressive chewers that want to have gorgeous teeth and gums.

dog resting with ball

The Emotional Bond With Dog Balls

Finally, let’s not forget the emotional component. The game of fetch isn’t just about chasing and retrieving; it’s also about sharing a moment with you. Every throw, every sprint, and every retrieve is an opportunity for you and your dog to bond, to understand each other better, and to share in the simple joy of a game well played.

beach dog balls
7 inch Plush Dog Beach Ball

This fun colored plush beach ball is a great companion for a road trip to the ocean, quiet time at the beach house, or anytime. It makes a great snuggle buddy.

plush dog balls
8 inch Cuddle Dog Ball

For cuddling loving dogs, this plush purple ball is going to be a favorite. Fun loving eyes will be a great buddy to pups big and small.

sports dog balls soccer

6.5 inch Plush Dog Soccer Ball

For sports loving pups, choose from soccer, football, baseball and other great sports balls. to keep your pup busy indoors and out.