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Disney® Pet Shop – Featuring The Exciting World Of Mickey Mouse® and Friends

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.” – Walt Disney 

Welcome to our enchanting Disney® Pet Shop, a magical haven where the worlds of pets, their people, and the timeless charm of Disney® converge! Immerse yourself in a delightful selection featuring none other than Mickey Mouse, America’s cherished mouse, alongside an array of toys, plush beds, and stylish bows tailored for your furry friends. Our extensive collection caters to both dogs and cats, ensuring every pet has a sprinkle of Disney® magic in their life. From the iconic mouse ears and classic red & white polka dots to a plethora of beloved Disney® characters transformed into exquisite pet products, our offerings are designed to enchant and delight. Plus, our Disney® Pet Party Shop is stocked with everything you need to throw a pixie-dusted celebration for your four-legged family members. At our store, the magic of Disney® is not just seen—it’s experienced, bringing a whole new level of joy to pet ownership. Dive into our world, where every Pixie Duster can find the perfect Disney® touch for their furry companion, because here, our love for pets and Disney® knows no bounds!



Disney Pet Beds & Blankets

We love how good Mickey Mouse looks on these adorable pet beds, caves and cozy blankets. Find the perfect one for your pet and create a pet nook.

Disney Pet Food Bowls, Treat Jars, and Food Mats

Create an amazing Disney® themed pet food station with great pet bowls, pet food mats, and great ways to store pet treats and food.

Disney Pet Supplies Totes

Store pet supplies in a cute Mickey Mouse basket, felt bin, or a backpack to take pet supplies on the go. A great accessory for a Disney® themed pet space or you best Mickey Mouse® lover.

Disney Pet Dog Tags, Collars & Leashes

Outfit your Disney® loving pet with the perfect collar, leash and of course a personal dog tag.

Disney Pet Toys

Toss one each of these Disney® pet toys into a basket and see which one is the favorite.

Disney Pet Apparel & Costumes

Disney Pet Bath and Spa Supplies

Grab these adorable pet spa supplies and be ready for your next doggy bath in Disney® style.

Disney® Cat Stuff

Create a kitty corner with these modern Disney® cat elements that they will love.

We hope your visit to our Disney® Pet Shop has sparked the imagination and inspired you to craft the perfect Disney-themed haven for your beloved pet. Whether you were on the hunt for the ideal gift for a fellow Disney enthusiast or treating yourself to a sprinkle of magic, we trust you’ve found just what you were looking for. Disney® has a unique way of awakening the child within us all, offering a whimsical theme that brings joy, wonder, and a touch of enchantment to your pet’s world. Create unforgettable memories and magical spaces that reflect your love for Disney® and your pet. Remember, every product you choose from us helps weave a tale of adventure and companionship, celebrating the magical bond between you and your furry friend. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey into a world where pets and Disney® magic live in perfect harmony.

Check out these Disney® themed party supplies, costumes and gifts.

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