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Create A Pet Themed Contrast Children’s Room – black & white decor done right

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Create A Pet Themed Contrast Children’s Room – black & white decor done right


When thinking about the best “color” palette for your nursery, don’t forget black + white. This combination offers the perfect contrast for newborn eyes. Babies see in black and white with a bit of grey initially. As their eyes learn how to see they begin to see colors, starting with red.

According to the eye experts at Baush + Lomb (Your Baby’s Eye Development), providing infants with black and white books, toys and art will actually enhance eye development. High contrast images are the easiest for babies to interpret and enhances memory, nervous system development and will hold their attention longer.

Share your love of dogs, cats and all things animals with your little one by creating an amazing black and white nursery that will grow with them.

We challenged our team to create a contrast pet-friendly nursery and offer their favorite tips for creating a great baby space.

Creating a black and white nursery foundation will not only help with your child’s development, but also make way for transiting the space into the perfect toddler and youth room. Add pieces over time that speak to your child’s personality, function and favorite things.

A pet themed black and white themed nursery

Nursery Planning Tips:

  1. Choose a Diaper Changing Basket to top your baby’s dresser. This portable option allows you to quickly convert your dresser to an everyday youth dresser.
  2. Add a contemporary rocking chair that becomes a ‘reading’ chair as your child grows.
  3. When picking a theme, start with a color palette and add accessories that can easily be changed as your child grows, allowing you to keep the basics.
  4. Throw a black and white pet party and decorate with items that are perfect for your pet themed nursery
  5. Add plenty of storage including diaper bag, laundry (maybe two bins) and space for toys.
  6. Add a pet bed that fits into your nursery, giving your dog or cat a space of their own as the new baby is added to the family.
  7. Mix and match prints, scale and basics to create a designer look, stay away from sets, themed nursery bedding and too many exact matches.
  8. Add a bookshelf at the beginning and fill with books that will grow with your child. Request books rather than cards at the shower to start your collection. For fun, ask for black and white baby books that are high contrast and perfect for baby’s eyes.
  9. Pick the right lighting for your space. A desk lamp to add ambient lighting, nightlight for safety during night feedings and overhead light that quickly lights up the entire room.
  10. Add a large clock into wall decor to make telling time quick and easy to note feeding times, sleep schedule and when medicine is given.

Black & White Pet Nursery Furniture & Accessories

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Thank you for stopping by and we hope you will consider a dog, cat or pet themed black and white nursery that will not only enhance your child’s vision of the world around them, but will also grow with them.

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