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everything that is old is new again

Cottage and Shabby Chic Pet Beds

If you are in the market for a pet bed for your shabby chic decor style, cottage vibe or you just love pink you are in the right place.

Scroll to find a pet bed that works with ruffles, rustic and even lace curtains.

An iconic feature of the cottage style is furniture pieces that look repurposed, aged or distressed. This could be naturally worn over time or artificially distressed to achieve the look.

A monotone color palette of whites, pinks or neutrals can often be found in shabby chic and cottage decor homes. A pop of color or a mixture of vintage prints also works well.

Whether on furniture, floors, or decorative items, a whitewashed finish enhances the rustic yet light feel of the decor.

Incorporating natural elements, like wooden floors or wicker baskets, aligns with the cottage inspiration and adds texture and earthiness.

Rather than a perfectly coordinated setting, cottage shabby chic thrives on a mix-and-match approach, blending different eras, patterns, and textures.

While some spaces take on a more refined shabby chic style, others work well with an anything goes style. Decorative pieces such as an ornate bed, crystal chandeliers, vintage mirrors, and antique frames work to balance the decor and make it inviting.

Cottage shabby chic often incorporates floral prints, whether on upholstery, curtains, wallpapers, or even smaller decor items. These prints emphasize the romantic and feminine touch of the style.

The inclusion of vintage and antique finds, whether they’re heirlooms or flea market treasures, adds a layer of depth and history to the decor. Add them to store pet toys, decorate walls or organize pet bedding.