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Group – Terrier • Height – 22-25 inches • Weight 40-62 pounds • No Shedding • Very Intelligent • Signature Grey & Tan Coat • Easy To Train • Very Good With Family & Kids

Meet the Airedale Terrier Dog Breed: The Airedale Terrier is the largest of the terrier breed, with males standing as tall as 25 inches. Although the largest terrier, the breed is only considered medium in size compared to all breeds. Hailing from England, bred to assist on farms and manners in a wide range of areas from ridding the rodents to protecting the land. It was not until World War I that this element creature became much more popular when word got out on the breed’s ability to sniff bombs, relay messages and locate wounded soldiers.

Unlike many other dog breeds that have a variety of coats and color, the Airedale has a signature combination of Grey and Tan markings. There extreme intelligence will sometimes get in the way of their flexibility and adaptability, while at the same time they very family and kid-friendly, are very playful and present a very confident outward point of view.

Airedales tend to do their best in moderate conditions and are not very adaptable to new things, but they are very friendly, playful and love as much exercise as you can handle.

Airedale Books, Journals & Stationery

Whether you are adopting a rescue pet, mixed breed or pure bread pup, it is important to get to know the breed(s) personality traits, best training practices and understanding what motivates them. Choose a book that represents the breed or combination of breeds you are adopting, along with a general book on puppies, training and best practices. 

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Toweling Afghan Hounds is and important part of the grooming process.


Brush Afghan Hounds daily when possible, but you don’t want to let too many days go by to help maintain a beautiful coat.

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