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Plan A Cat Party

cat birthday party cake

Trending in 2020, Cat Birthday Parties. You read right and what a fun theme for rescue cats, kittens or for your favorite cat lady. We say any excuse for a party, so why not a cat party!!!

Ideas for planning a cat party for cats kitties people birthday rescue cat pink and black meow photo booth ideas

Planning any party is a lot of fun and using a simple check list will help keep you organized.

Party Check List

  • Theme – Determine your Party Theme
  • Location – Decide where you will host the party, will it be inside or outside and will it accommodate pets and people?
  • Guests – you don’t have to have the exact list, but know if you will be inviting cats, dogs, other pets and people.
  • Time and Date – daytime parties are a little different than evening and nighttime, both are great just good to decide on the front end.
  • Color Palette – choosing a color scheme is a great idea on the front end and will help you make decisions as you choose decor, party supplies and more
  • Decorations – will there be centerpieces, a photo booth area, wall decor, ceiling decor, front porch decor and a food display?
  1. Food – will you do a buffet, sit down, heavy hors devours or light snacks? Cake, cupcakes, dessert bar.
  2. Invitations – you can do this electronically, make them yourself or order printed invites and send them out. Make sure to note who is invited, the theme and what to expect if you are hosting a pet and people party, so people are very clear.
  3. Dress Code – this may seem silly, we know it probably is not black tie, but let people know if you are hosting a costume party, casual or VERY casual, so they know what to expect and if the party will be indoors or out so they can dress themselves and their pet appropriately
  4. Party Games and Activities – having a few things planned from a photo booth and pet and people games to a scavenger hunt or ball toss.

Planning a party where cats are involved can be a little tricky, you know the old saying, “it is like herding cats” they kind of do what they are going to do. The nice part about cats is that as a general rule they get along with each other. When there are pups involved, a little chase might be involved. Here are a few things to think about when planning a cat party:

  1. Cat of Honor – If you are hosting party for one cat, the guest of honor, you can pretty much handle things as usual if at home and if at a different location, you will want to ensure you kitty is safe and does not have a way to sneak off too far.
  2. Space for Cats and People – If hosting at home or offsite and you are inviting other cats, you will will want to make sure the party space will accommodate pets and people well. Most cats adapt fairly well traveling with their owners. Most owners know their cats and can decide if they are up for a party.
  3. Potty Station – Offering the right potty option becomes of the biggest concern when planning a cat party. It is a good idea to have a separate space to house the options. We recommend buying a few disposable or inexpensive little boxes and filling them with a multi-cat litter. Each guest can introduce their cat to the potty station and let’s hope this goes over well.
  4. Kitty and People Food – unlike dogs, most cats are a little more picky about what they eat. Your guests know if their cat has to have a special diet and they can handle the details, but having cat food and treats that are bought or homemade is a fun idea for your party. You can also wrap up homemade cat treats for the ride home. Make sure to keep pet and people food separate, but you can make fun recipes for both that are fun such as serving goldfish, making fish shaped cat treats, baking cat friendly cupcakes or add cat cupcake toppers to people food.
  5. Cats that will stray – you might want to have a few harnesses and leashes on hand incase a guest kitty has a bit of an issue staying with the crowd for safety issues.

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Cat Party Decor Ideas

Choose a fun color scheme like pink, black and white and choose decor that coordinates. You can choose cat specific items or party decor that matches your theme. We love the pink and white paper lanterns to fill the space and add lots of color.

Cat Party Food and Supplies

Creating fun party foods is one of the best parts of planning and hosting a party if you love that stuff. If not you can order carry in, catered food or simple finger foods. If you love making creative foods, here are some great recipes for cat food, cakes and treats you might want to try. Here are a few gadgets that will help you cook things up:

So jump on the cat party trend and plan a party for pets or people and have a ball with fun decor items, cat games and kitty foods. For more ideas visit us on Pinterest – Cat Party Ideas

cat birthday party cake
A fun way to decorate a simple cake: buy or make and ice a cake in all white and add these adorable cat ears, nose and eyes.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you have a great time planning your pet party!!!

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