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Party Planner: Let’s Chill Out and Throw A Frozen Party For Pets and People

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Party Planner: Let’s Chill Out and Throw A Frozen Party For Pets and People


When planning a pet party, choosing a theme can be a bit of a challenge, so make it fun by choosing a theme that is unexpected. We often think of children’s parties when we hear Frozen, Spiderman, or Mickey Mouse, but these are also fantastic themes for a pet and people party. You can easily find party party decor, pet supplies, and even pet costumes that create the perfect party.

Frozen is a popular movie series that is well known for its theme song and playful characters, but it is also our favorite party theme for a dog party. Dogs love frozen treats, look great in deer antlers, and are all about a snowball fight any time of the year. We challenged our team to share their favorite Frozen party ideas from games to decor and from food to gifts.

Before starting your party planning, decide what type of party you are hosting. Is it a party to celebrate a pet, a pet & people party, or a party for pets. Once you make this choice, the fun begins!

1. Make Frozen Dog & People Treats

This seems like a no brainer, but frozen treats are fun for pets and people. There are so many great recipes, molds and even games you can plan with frozen goodies. A fun way to cool of guests in the summer or a hide and seek game for pets in the winter.

  • Dog Snowballs: Add dog treats to frozen snowballs, fill with wate and freeze. Let’s pup guests play with them until they melt and find their treats. Tip: The size of the balls in important, choose larger balls that are fun to play and roll around and allow them to begin to unfreeze before play begins to protect pet’s teeth and jaws.
  • Frozen Dog Treats: Make frozen pet treats with fruit, veggies or even meat. Blend them or add them to water and freeze.
  • Meat Broth Snowflakes: Beef, chicken or veggie broth are terrific frozen into shapes. When making it homemade, make sure to skim off the fat.

2. Make Snowflake Style Dog Treats

  • Pup Cookies – choose quality, pet-friendly ingredients such as peanut butter, pumpkin, and flour. Cook them in the shape of snowflakes, reindeer, or snowballs.
  • Treat Cups – Fill cupcake cups with dog treats and add to the buffet table.
  • Pet Cupcakes – Find a simple recipe for pet-friendly baked goods and add them to snowflake cupcake holders. Top them with toppers that say “Pet-Friendly” Tip: Use paw print toppers to designate the cupcakes or cakes made for pups.

3. Snowball Dog Play

  • Snowball Fetch -Gather dog-friendly snowball dog toys that are plush, glow in the dark, or rubber and play a game of fetch
  • Snowball Fight – make your own snow, snowballs, or make them from natural snow and have fun throwing and chasing them
  • Hide & Seek Balls – Fill snowballs with dog treats and hide them on the snow and let the pups sniff them out.

4. Frozen Movie Night or Story Time

  • Snuggled under the blanket with popcorn and Frozen or Frozen 2 on the screen.
  • Make pet-friendly popcorn for your dog with no butter or toppings. A little popcorn is ok, but don’t offer too much. You will want to test a small amount first to make sure popcorn agrees with your pet.

5. Frozen Pet & People Costume Party

  • Plan a Frozen or Frozen 2 pet and people costume party. Encourage guests to dress like their favorite character and give prizes for the best.
  • Organize a family frozen night with every member of the family, including the dog or kitty to watch Frozen movies or read

So next time you are looking for something fun to do with the family, friends, or just because, consider a Frozen party and chill out together! Here are a few great Frozen themed dog toys.