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Fix spaces in your home that have been loved by your pets and give them an updated look at the same time. We love adhesive tiles that are ideal for stairs, covering the island or pet spaces. A great way to cover painted wall that have been damaged in small spots.



DIY Fixes for Pet Wear and Tear

Adhesive Wall and Furniture Tiles

Adhesive Floor Tiles

Pet damaged floors can be a nightmare, so how about covering them with these great adhesive tiles. They look great, are durable and will stand up to pet wear and tear.

Q. What is the safest paint for pets?A. Choosing paint products labeled “No VOC” or “Low VOC” is a important for pet owners. Look for the words “non-toxic” as well. Pets are drawn to smells and paint can often attract pets. It is critical to keep pets away from wet pet or open cans of paint and allow the painted area to dry before introducing your pet to the space. Choose durable paints that will stand up to pets and children when making your final choice.

Metal Furniture Corner Protectors

Doggy Doors

Door & Furniture Protectors

Pet proof your home for their safety and yours. Add grips to throw rug corners, protect wood table corners and plastic guards to beautiful exterior doors. Don’t leave it to natural instincts, be prepared.

Pet Helpful Hardware

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