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Paws, Popcorn, and Pictures: A Guide To The Perfect Dog, Cat & Pet Movies For The Family

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Paws, Popcorn, and Pictures: A Guide To The Perfect Dog, Cat & Pet Movies For The Family


We love to see the popularity of movies gaining traction again. Wholesome movies that appeal to everyone in the room. Movies that make you laugh, make you think, and sometimes bring a tear. Nothing captures the heart quite like the wag of a dog’s tail or the soft purr of a contented cat. In the world of cinema, these beloved pets take center stage, providing entertainment, laughter, and often a tear or two.

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Find the perfect family-friendly film, starring the smartest cats, most adventurous dogs, or a gang of 4-legged pals Each dog, cat or pet movie will resonate with audiences of all ages, reflecting the joy, loyalty, and mischievous charm that pets bring into our lives.

Explore The Best Cat, Dog & People Movies

Dog Movies With Lots of Heart

Watching a good tear jerker is always a great option for family time. Snuggle in and grab a box of tissues and let the great movies begin. Here are some of our very favorite movies and a few new comers that we had to add to the list.

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marley & me
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Let’s Get Animated

Here are some very clever pet stories where each unique animal personality comes to life on screen. Larger than life, these pets come to the rescue, teach us a good lesson, or just show us how big love it.

The Best Animated Movies Featuring Dogs, Cats & Awesome Pets

bolt dog movie
super hero dog movie
ozzy dog movie
animated dog movie
big red dog movie
army dog movie
paws of fury

Fun Movie Ideas For Pets & People

  1. Backyard Movie Night: Set up a large movie screen, sheet or find a big wall to feature the movie. Surround the screen with pillows, blankets, and dog beds. Visit our Outdoor Music & Entertainment Shop
  2. Costume Movie Night: Be creative and make your own costumes, shop for a family of costumes or wear movie t-shirts. Visit our Pet Costume Shop For Inspiration
  3. Movie Themed Party: Make it a sleepover, evening with friends, or afternoon chill with a movie themed party. Plan games, food, and of course the main attraction, the movie. Here are Tips For Planning A Pet Party to help get you started.
  4. Movie + Trivia: Keep the movie fun going by adding trivia questions after the movie that everyone can answer. Keep score and hand out prizes!!
  5. Movie Popcorn: No movie night is not complete without popcorn. Even pets can participate, just air pop theirs make theirs without salt or butter according to AKC. They also caution us to remove all kernels, which can be unsafe to pet teeth and guts.
  6. Movie Week: Why make movie night a single night, plan small events throughout the week for everyone in the family and make it a big production. Movie scavenger hunt, game of hide & seek, watch the trailer, or read the book. Grab a few theme gifts for pets & people.

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