Whimsical Pet Ornaments, Tree Decorations and Holiday Decor

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Whimsical stockings for pets & people. One for every member of the family.

Lime Green & Red Whimsical Pet Christmas Decor

The combination of Lime Green and Red is one of the most popular options for holiday decor these days. Bright, whimsical and fun, making it a great choice when paired with puppy and kitty ornaments and decor.

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How It Works: Click on the links or images below to find out more about the red, lime green and white whimsical pet themed ornaments, decor and gifts.

Whimsical Holiday Pet Decor

Whimsical Holiday Pet Ribbon

Start with a pre-made handmade ribbon garland to create the perfect pet holiday decor. Add paw print ribbon, dog ornaments or cat decor to make it your own.

Whimsical Pet & People Stockings

Start with a pre-made ribbon garland in lime green, red and white. Add pieces of dog bone ribbon, pet ornaments and decorative balls. Wire them into the garland to keep them safe and lay across the fireplace mantel, doorway or staircase to show off your love of pets and people.

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