What Is Your Holiday Decor Color Palette?

Christmas decor has gotten pretty sophisticated these days with themed trees, unique color combinations and fabulous accessories. We thought it might be fun to explore Christmas color palettes that are best suited to dog, cat or pet themed trees. We realize that every color looks good with our 4 legged friends, but we found some great products, color combinations and decor ideas that we think you will really enjoy.

So let’s explore….

What is your holiday decor color palette?

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We call this one our Pet Palette and it covers the bases. A great choice when doing a breed themed tree or sticking with one style pet ornament. The colors work well together and give way to many great accent, ribbon and ornament options. (Click on the links to find out more about the products featured)

Choose a focal point or pattern that drives the choices you make to create a cohesive Christmas space. We love the plaids that work so well with this more traditional color palette.

Red and Ivory is a warm and cozy combination that really pops on a traditional green Christmas tree. Add touches of cherry berries, stripe and plaid ribbon and red and ivory ornaments. A touch of black, gold or green certainly will not hurt, but a focus on reds and ivories is stunning.

Wool Dog Ornaments or Package Decor
For a softer look choose creams and ivories over stark white and add a touch of burlap or brown to tone things down.

A combination of Hunter and Red is a bit more traditional, but oh so homey. The deep tones bring back memories of the past and work well with vintage, classic and traditional ribbons and ornaments.

Add coordinating dog toys into your Christmas decor that match your color palette. We recommend staying away from dog treats or edible decor as they probably won’t last long!

Black and Ivory is a great option when you are looking for a more vintage version of black and white. This combination can go more elegant or paired with handmade ornaments for a folksy look.

Black and ivory is on trend and a great choice for modern, vintage and farmhouse decor. Change a few accent pieces to make black and ivory fit into your Christmas home decor style.

All White is a wonderful choice to create a pet themed tree. A white faux fur tree skirt is a wonderful place for the pup to sleep with simple white ornaments and accents to finish off the pet friendly decor.

All white is a fun Christmas color story especially for white dog lovers. Consider white faux fur ribbon rather than traditional ribbon for a fun look.

dog christmas tree decor ideas collar small white dog bone lime green red white dots ribbon ornaments

The combination of Lime Green and Red is one of the most popular options for holiday decor these days. Bright, whimsical and fun, making it a great choice when paired with puppy and kitty ornaments and decor.

Lime Green and Red have been a pretty popular combination for quite some time and we just love the great dog themed options. This color palette allows you to really do some mixing and matching!

Red and White is a bright option with colors that are so vibrant on the tree. Any pet ornament with a Santa hat is fair game. Add a white furry bed under the tree for a terrific holiday photo of your pup or kitty.

Red is a traditional color choice for the holidays, but it is also a great one for dog themed trees with so many great red decor pieces to choose from including fire hydrants, Santa hats and more!

Black and White is a wonderful choice especially when a black pup is the center of attention. A touch of red works well or stick with only black and white and you cannot lose.

Add a pop color to your black and white palette – red, yellow or lime green to give it an extra kick. Keeping the majority of the decor black and white will really help you tell the story well.

A Neutral color palette might be a bit non-traditional, but it looks great with natural greenery, berries and a touch of gold. This is a wonderful choice when going for more realistic dog ornaments and decor.

A neutral color story for Christmas may seem boring, but we think it is terrific for dog themed Christmas decor. You can add touches of color such as red, green and blue to brighten up your story.

golden christmas dog pink grey teal turquoise ivory macrame ornaments decor stocking dog flowers

Pink Teal and Grey come together to create a fabulous boho style dog Christmas. The stocking ties it all together with touches of natural wool, cotton and a bit of teal glitter.

We are drawn to this non-traditional Christmas color story that brings out our Boho style. Mix teals, pinks, tans and greys to create a wonderful dog themed style.

All Gold will give you many options for both pet and people decor. Pair with wonderful ribbons, shiny ornaments and sparkles.

Keep it classic with gold for your dog themed Christmas. Mix and match traditional gold decor with more elegant dog themed ornaments and accent pieces.

What Is Your Holiday Decor Color Palette?

We hope we inspired to make your choice!! Whether your favor rich, vintage tones or fun lime green and red, pick your favorite and build your Christmas tree and decor around it. Add a pop of color to black and white or stay true to you choice and go all white.

Happy Holidays from the team at Wild Love Tails!

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