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The holidays are a great time to give a gift to your fur baby, but we don’t think that you ever need an excuse to give a pet gift. We have been working on this post for a while as we come across unique and unusual pet gifts. The Wild Love Tails Shop focus has been on practical, functional and stylish pet products, but every once in a while we love to indulge in the impractical just a bit. We hope you enjoy our Pet Gift Boutique and hope you find the one of a kind pet gift you are looking for.

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Luxury is a way to wrap your love around your fur baby!

It’s important to state clearly, whether spoken or written – unconventional pet gifts may not always hit the mark. Therefore, it’s vital to consider the individual personality, sensitivity, and size of the furry recipient to guarantee that your gift is truly appreciated and put to good use.

We have to say this out loud or at least in written word – Unusual pet gifts are not always the right choice, so make sure you know the personality, sensitivity and size of the furry gift receiver to ensure your gift can be well received.

Uber Luxurious Pet Beds

Pets sleep 12-16 hours a day, so pampering theme with comfy and cozy bedding is a great choice. While it may be fun to choose cute over function or style over size, it is import to take your pet’s breed, size and sleep patterns when choosing a pet bed. This Black Sports Car Dog Bed is our adorable choice, while this Two-Story Pet Bed takes pet furniture to the next level, allowing your pet to peak out the window or sleep elevated if that is their thing. When it comes to making luxury pet bedding, we are all about soft, cozy faux fur. Ideal for floor cushions, bed and blankets.

“Luxury has to be comfortable otherwise it’s not luxury.” – Cocoa Channel

Handmade Collars & Leashes

The gift of a fine dog collar, harness or dog leash will turn heads. We love this pet gift idea for a pet-loving boss, a pet with a very sassy personality or when quality and style just come first. When giving a gift of pet neckwear or walking leash, make sure to choose the right width, thickness and proportion.

Designer Pet Food & Water Bowls

Choose luxury when it comes dinner time. We love these unique pet bowls when pets dine in elegant spaces and love to live like their humans. Mackenzie Child’s is a wonder brand and their pet products hit the mark. A great look for classy, traditional homes where black and white work every time.

Couture Pet Fashions

Pet fashion is not for every four legged pet, but for those who have the personality to carry it, we say go for it. Such a fun gift to wrap like human fashion would be wrapped for your next holiday, birthday or thank you. Fashion is personal and should not stop when it comes to dressing a fur baby.

Unique Pet Toys

A high price does not always mean luxury when it comes to pet toys. Choose the right toy to fit the size, breed and play style of the pup or kitty is so important. For big chewers, go for indestructible and for cuddles try a stuffed buddy. We also love West Paw that offers pet products made from recycled ocean waste, which gives pet enjoyment while cleaning up planet earth.

Gourmet Pet Treats

Life is way to short to not have a little luxury in your life and that goes the same for your favorite pet. Every now and then it is good to splurge for your self or give a pet gift that no one would buy for themselves. Luxury is not a way of life, it is a state of mind and while we often settle for function over style sometimes, don’t forget that indulging every now and then is good for the soul.

Christmastime Pet-Family Tip: You know your pets the best, so decorate your tree the best way possible for your family. Consider placing delicate ornaments at the top of the tree, securing decor at the bottom of the tree or leave the bottom of the tree without ornaments. For more tips check out this helpful article from

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