Life With Pets: Travel Wise and Enjoy Time Outdoors With Pets

If you love to go out and play and take your four legged pal, we have some great tips, tricks and pet products you.  For those who enjoy hiking, backpacking, camping, farmer’s market or even time at a local park for the day, you will want to make sure you are set for the adventure and have what you need for your and your pup with these tips for outdoor travel with pets.

Travel with Dog Helpful Hints:

  1. Stay Hydrated
  2. Pet Food On Schedule
  3. Protection from the Elements
  4. Outdoor Sleeping and Bedding
  5. Travel Car Seats
  6. Animal First Aid and Media Kits
  7. Outdoor Pet Play Things
  8. Leashes, ID’s and Collars
  9. Pet Poops and Scoops for the road

Stay Hydrated

No matter what the time of year, you want to make sure you are set with water for the adventure for both you and your pup.  In the very hot months this becomes critical, but year round it is so important.  Don’t rely on water along the adventure, you never know what you will encounter.  Be sure to pack a water and a great way to do that is a Hydration Backpack.  This is a must on a long hike, but a great idea for a day at the park, day about town or a day trip.  The water is stored in a pouch with room for other items such as water bowl, dog food, treats, dog toys, blanket and poop bags.  The following links will take you to our favorite pet affiliate products. For our full discloser.

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Hydration Packs

Hydration packs are great for people and pets. Generally they are backpacks with a pouch for water secured inside the backpack you can use to drink yourself and also pour into a bowl for your dog. Adding a clip on, collapsable pet bowl to your backpack or slipping one inside and you will be prepared for the hike ahead.

Pet Bowls for the Outdoors

Add a bowl to your backpack or slip it on the side so you can easily fill with water and keep the water coming. Choose bowls that do well outside, fold up, flatten and are easy to carry.

Pet Food For Adventures

Water is important, but keeping your dog on their schedule for feeding time is critical. There are some great containers designed for road trips, camping and outdoor activities with your pets.

Protect Animals From The Elements

Protection from the sun, wind and weather is critical for any season, from sunscreen to paw cream, it is important to pamper your pup before you go out and play.  It is critical to find a pet sunscreen that is not harmful to your dog.  You don’t want to just assume you will use your sunscreen on your dog, some of the chemicals are very harmful to your pet.  You can spray on or spray onto your hand and rub on depending on the personality of your pup and also the fur, hair or thin coat.  Do not use on cats or other pets unless specified on any sun or protective product.

Sun Skin Protectors 

Keep in mind that you cannot use people sunscreen on dogs, so choose a highly recommended dog sunscreen, like the following to protect.

Nose Balms

Many dog noses are very sensitive and need to be protected before heading out or soothed after a long day outdoors. Here are our favorite choices.

Paw Balms

One might think that a dog’s paws are made for any outdoor activity, think again. They can burn their paws on hot surfaces, dry out in cold weather and hurt when exposed to the elements. Prevent damage or sooth damaged paws with our favorite paw balms.

Travel Bedding for Pets

You many not be able to toss your dog’s bed in the car for a road trip, camping trip or plane trip, but there are some great options for portable pet bedding.

Pet Sleeping Bags

Yes you read this right, pet sized sleeping bags that keep your pet warm and cozy for camping, hotel stay or at the cabin.

Pet Travel and Outdoor Beds
Elevated Cooling Pet Chairs

Travel Car Seats for Pets

Just like our kids, protecting dogs in the car, van, truck or SUV is always a good idea. The seats allow them to often sit higher, be secured in and have a soft place to sit and rest during short and long road trips. Here are a few of our favs.

Pet Emergency Kids

Always keep a pet first aid kit in your vehicle while traveling, in your backpack of the hike or the camper when spending time at the campsite. Be prepared to help as much as you can with a pet illness or injury before you are able to get to a vet or animal hospital.

Outdoor Pet Toys

Playing outside can be the most fun for active pets and having the right toys for outside play is really important. Consider the color, quality and durability of the toys you bring so that you can keep track of them and they hold up to a little rugged play time.

Leashes and Collars for Outdoor Play


When traveling you may want to choose a special waterproof, heavy duty or harness leash to protect your dog or cat on the trail, in the water or for sleeping close by. Here are a few great options with many more to choose from – Pet Leashes


Choosing a waterproof collar is an important choice when playing outdoors with pets and water or snow. These quick drying collars will not cause irritation like a long-lasting wet collar.

Travel Poops and Scoops

When traveling with pets, being prepared for the poops, tinkles and scoops will make the trip go much more smoothly. There are some great products on the market from disposable cat litter boxes to scoop and pick up poop tools.

So grab a few must haves, pack the vehicle and don’t forget your 4 legged buddy and head out for the day, long weekend or extended vacation that everyone will enjoy.

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We source products from affiliates around the world, looking for high quality products, solutions and great ideas for life with your pet.  Click on any photos or the product links to learn more about the products we feature.  Leave us a note or comment about products you love when you travel with your pets, we love to learn and find great new products.  The product we suggest are based on our experience, customer comments, helpful hints and we hope they make your adventures even more enjoyable.

Here are some pet friendly great outdoor locations to add to your bucket list.

San Diego, California

San Diego is a very dog friendly city and the experts at have a full list of parks, beaches and other outdoor places to spend time with your dog.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is pet friendly year-round with from cross country skiing and winter hiking to parks and local bakeries with homemade dog treats.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville claims to be the friendliest dog city in the US and rightly so. They offer a wide range of pet-friendly outdoor activities and places for pets and people to enjoy. You can spend time at local breweries, hiking trails and there are plenty of places to eat and sleep that welcome 4-legged friends.

Salt Lake City, Utah

A trip to Salt Lake City is a great choice when traveling with a pup or two. Ideal for outdoor winter and summer activities from dog parks and trails to outdoor dining and relaxing.

Austin, Texas

Austin is filled with parks, rivers and spaces that are ideal for pets and people. Rent paddle boats that have plenty of room for your pup to jump on board, find a spot in the park to pay catch or grab a brew at the many restaurants and bars around town.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly features one of the best dog parks in the US, Schuylkill River Park Dog Run, parks that ideal for grabbing a bit of sun or shopping at a number of dog boutiques.

Provincetown, Massachusetts

A very unique town, Provincetown is on the coast of Massachusetts that is filled with art, dining and boats. One of the oldest art colonies it is ideal for a stroll down the street, time at the Pilgrim Dog Park or time at the beach.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ideal in the summer and winter months, Grand Rapids has plenty of pet-friendly activities including a very unique dog park, Shaggy Pines, which is a membership based park that offers visitor rates; dogs on leash walking trails and there are also a number of pet boutiques to shop.

Northwest Arkansas

Made of up a few smaller towns including Bentonville, Springdale and Fayetteville that are all located in the Northwest corner of Arkansas and a great place to travel with friends, family and of course your pups. The Explore NWA breaks it down for you highlighting the best of the best dog friendly places in the area including pet-friendly bike trails, farmer’s markets, coffee joints and even Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

For more great dog parks across the US visit

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