Disposable and Portable Litter Boxes & Road Trip Potty Pet Supplies

Ok so we have to talk about this! Pet poops and scoops are a part of everyday pet and people life. We are all about finding the best options for pet waste clean up. Technology has stepped in adding hands-free options, self-cleaning choices and trendy waste pick up choices.

Our favorite choice for a travel litter box. Litter Box Tote – Unzip, slip out the box, leave a little privacy, clean and close for the next pit stop. Choose clumping litter to make clean up a breeze.


How It Works: Click on the images or links below to find options for travel litter boxes, portable potty stations or disposable potty options.

Travel without leaving your kitty behind, grab a portable litter box, food bowls and pet backpack and hit the trails, campsite or road.

Portable and Disposable Litter Boxes

Travel Puppy Pads