Summer Check List For The Dog

A summer check list for the dog that will ensure that all your bases are covered before you head to a day of land, sand and sea. Our team pulled together a great selection of summer pet products that will get your ready for a day at the beach, family time at the pool or a weekend by the river.

Summer Check List For The Dog

  • Tropical shirt – slip on a tropical shirt, swim shirt or water suit to protect your pup’s skin from the sun and summer heat. Tropical shirts are always in for the summer, so make sure the dog has a few to choose from.
  • Bandana – don’t forget to throw in a bandana in a vibrant color to help you keep an eye on your pup with other dogs and people around, we love this ‘I love my mom’ summer bandana.
  • Beach Towel – don’t forget to grab a towel for the dog….a place for a nap, to check out the beach pups or to dry off.
  • Dog Life Jacket – on a boat or by the water, a life jacket for the dog is a great idea and also adds bright color to help you keep an eye on your pup.
  • Dog Cap – stylish red water-proof hat is a great way to protect your pets head and scalp from the sun’s rays.
  • Dog Sunglasses – don’t forget the shades, they are great for protecting pup’s eyes, but they make them look so cool.
  • Dog Shoes – there are never enough shoes, slip these on the dog and protect their paws from the heat, hot sand and dangers along the trail.
  • Portable Pet Bowls – hydration is so important for dogs outside during the heat of summer and hot days. These are great to add you your backpack or slip in the beach bag.
  • Beach Bag – we love a great classic bag for the beach and this wicker shoulder bag was the perfect choice for everything we need for pets and people.
  • Water-proof Leash – grabbing a leash that is ideal for the beach, pool or camping will ensure your pup is ready for a walk or a play in the water.
  • Collar – safety is key when you take the dogs to the beach and having a bright, reflective collar on them is a great choice for beach days.
  • Poop Bags – a must at the beach, grab a pack that matches you stuff and always keep some in the beach bag so you are never caught without.
  • Beach Umbrella – a great choice for pets and people on the beach to have a way to escape the sun for a bit.
  • Shammy – roll this shammy up and use at the beach as a towel, pet bed on the sand or dry you pup with the absorbent fibers.
  • Pet Cushion – if there is room slip in a pet cushion with a washable cover or waterproof style, so you are ready for nap time.

A few more things to toss in the beach back include dog-friendly suntan lotion and paw balm. There are a lot of choices out there, we recommend you read the reviews and ask your vet what they recommend. Please do not use people sustain lotion on your pet, it is not good for them. You will also find great pet balms for noses and paws.

Pets are usually perfectly happy indoors and out, but when we expose them to lots of sun, water and heat, we need to take extra care.

Be Safe and we wish you a happy summer and wonderful pet memories!!!

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