Old Scarf Swag – Ideas For Pets & People

Walk with stylish confidence as you show off your DIY scarf swag. Everyone has a drawer filled with old scarves that you just cannot part with, but you never seem to wear anymore. We thought it would be fund to share some fun DIY scarf ideas for you, your home and your pet.

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Old scarves can instantly add a boho look to your home decor or your fashion. Mix and match the colors, prints and styles, anything goes!

Here are 5 DIY ideas with silk scarves:

  1. Update throw pillows indoors and out
  2. Create a silk scarf banner
  3. Add personality to large vases
  4. Dress up concrete art and decor pieces
  5. Give your pup a Boho style
  6. Tie onto a purse or backpack to make it your own

Scarves come in many different sizes, shapes and fabrics, very random, but that is what makes the perfect bohemian look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match them, tie them together or layer them to create your unique style.

Here’s how we do it:

Start by gathering old scarves you have collected or stop by a local thrift shop and pick out a few. There are no right or wrong choices and they mix and match so well.

  • Silk Scarf Pillow Makeover – tie scarves around solid or simple printed pillows. This will give even sun bleached pillows new life. This will add a new vibe to outdoor furniture, porches or inside decor. You can also drape larger scarves over the back on indoor or outdoor furniture to add a pop of color.
  • Design A Silk Scarf Banner – fold square scarves in half and tie them together mixing the colors, prints and designs randomly to create a banner that can be as big or small as your space allows. String your handmade bunting across your porch, room or backyard to a colorful touch to your spaces.
  • Update Large Vases – tie long scarves into bows or leave them hanging down large urns and vases to give them an uplift.
  • Dress up concrete statues and art pieces – a great way to dress up garden statues, concrete art and outdoor pieces with a touch of color and personality. Small scarves are perfect for this idea.
  • Over-sized Dog Scarf Bows – We love this look for our Schnoodle, Snickerdoodle. A quick tie of a long scarf around your pups neck or onto their collar. A fun idea for pet photos, casual pet friendly parties or even a boho pet costume. You can tie them onto their color or loosely around the neck. The soft fabric makes a terrific oversized bow.

Just a few scarves tied in all the right places will give new life to indoor and outdoor spaces. Add a handmade quilt, personalized pillows and a few antique furniture pieces to get the look.

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