Q and A

Here are just a few questions and answers

Q. How did you come up with the name Wild Love Tails?

A. We all have our own pet tales, we love our animals and we are all a bit wild, so we created a pet blog and pet shop with our favorite things.

Q. What exactly is an Affiliate Website?

A. A site that offers links to various online businesses who support us by paying us a small fee if the items are clicked on or purchased. There is no additional cost to you. Our affiliates were all hand-picked for their love and support of products for animals, pet homes and pet lovers.

Q. What types of products do you offer in your pet shop?

A. We focus on pet, pet lover, pet home and pet people products that we feel are fun, unique and make life better with pets and people. We strive to always focus on pet products, ideas for pet people and trends we see happening.

Q. Where are you located?

A. In the NW corner of Arkansas in the great town of Springdale.  It is a great place to be and a perfect headquarters. We do not however have a retail store, we are only online at this time.

Q. Why don’t you sell pet products directly from your site?

A. It is our goal to curate our favorite pet and pet lover boutique products from around the world and make them directly available to you at the best prices possible and that happens when you buy direct from the company or through an online shop.

Q. Have you tried all of the products?

A. We have not tired them all, but we have done a lot of research and work hard to only share items we truly believe in.

Q. Where do the ideas you write about come from?

A. Sometimes they pop into our heads, other times we brainstorm to find solutions and ideas for things we want to tackle or have to deal with ourselves and we also love ideas from our followers, so send us a note about a topic, theme or idea you would like us to explore info@wildovetails.com

Q. Your product choices are different from other pet sites, how do you decide what to feature?

A. We are drawn to products that are great for our pets, our homes and for us.  Our pets are a part of our lives, so why not find and create products and projects that bring it all together. We let food, medicine and pet care products up to the experts and focus on things we can snuggle, make our pets feel comfy and things we just love.

Q. Do you have a store location?

A. We do not, right now everything you see in the shop is available online only.

Q. Do you travel to the destinations you write about?

A. The answer is yes and no, we travel to as much as we can and love to write about the places we go, but we also search for places we would love to visit, especially with our pets.  

Q. Can you tell us more about Love Tails?

A. We would love to, they were actually the inspiration for this site.  Love Tails are stories and experiences we have had with our pets and we welcome contributions to the site – you can send in your stories and photos by using this simple form.