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Entertainment is key to keeping pets occupied and incorporating play pieces, furniture and decor into home spaces creates a wonderful space for pets and people to live harmoniously. Choose pieces that fit your decor style, blend with the surroundings and help your pet stay out of trouble. Train cats to use a scratchpad, provide places to climb for curious ones and cozy spots for afternoon naps.



Unique Cat Toys

Choose unique gifts for your cat that are smart, unique and artisan made. Keep it simple, thoughtful and fun! We love these cardboard kitty toys that are made in the US, simply puurrrfect.

Choose pet-friendly pieces that fit your home decor style, from macrame swings for boho gals to sleek modern wall steps to fit a contemporary vibe.

Cat Play On The Wall

Incorporate one or more climbing pet pieces into wall decor to give cats and kittens fun places to climb, lounge and spy on the world around them. Click the link to find out more about the products featured here.

No judging, anyone can climb them, but they are designed for hours of cat play and entertainment. Let them enjoy when you are away and entertain you when you are at home.

Pet Swings

Pet Towers and Play Gyms

Choose innovative pet play spaces that fit your design style, lifestyle and pet’s personality. We love this cardboard modular box set designed to create a DIY cat, dog or pet play place that is suited to the size and shape to fit your space.


Clever Pet Inspired Tables

Side Tables with Litter Box and Pet Bed Storage

Hide litter boxes and cat beds in living spaces with cleverly designed furniture that serves two purposes. Slip in a litter box, cushion or blanket for hiding, napping or pooping. Don’t forget to buy pet litter that masks odor and does not give your hiding spot away.

Outdoor Cat Houses | Warmers | Play

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