August 28, 2021

Pet Lover Stuff: Pet Themed Kitchen Gadgets Make Great Gifts For Pet Lovers

Ok let’s admit it, we love a pup with us in the kitchen, maybe not under toe, but close by is good and if we have a kitty we know they are always willing to help!  We challenged our team to find some great pet themed products that they had to have for their kitchens and wow were we impressed with that is out there.  Great quality, clever designs and items that make great gifts, decor or just have to haves.  

The following article may contain affiliate links from the websites, retailers and manufacturers we have hand selected.  Each company we work with has a penchant for animals, pet products and pet-friendly décor. They were hand-picked by the Wild Love Tails Team for their quality, style and design.  When you click on the images, links or articles you will find out more details about the products we feature on each website. In full disclosure, some links may provide a small percentage of the sale or click, with no additional cost to you.  Buying directly from our affiliates will allow you to take advantage of their discounts, sales, free-freight and other specials offered when applicable.  All products are the sole choice of the Wild Love Tails team and not based on paid for advertising or request.

wide range of pet themed kitchen items for baking cooking and making food for people and pets #homemadedogtreats #petstore #kitchenstore

We love to share products that are cool, high quality and that are functional.  To learn more about the products or to purchase through one of our affiliates, you can click on the photo or the product links.

Rolling Pins

Wooden embossed rolling pin with allover paw prints.  Great for making homemade dog treats, people cookies or craft projects.  #rollingpin #pawprints #bakingsupplies #chefgift #doglovergift

Let’s start with this Stodola Wooden Paw Print Rolling Pin.  Emboss cookie dough or pie crust in a snap.  Make a great dough for people or pets, the dough out with a standard rolling pin, then emboss the entire dough with this great rolling pin and finally cut out the cookies with cookie cutters to get great cookies.  Also comes in French Bull Dog Rolling Pin.

Cookie Cutters, Molds and Cake Pans

Pet Themed Cookie Cutters – wiener dog, cat or bone cookie cutters are fun to create pet friendly homemade cookies, biscuits or treats that make great gifts for pet lovers, teachers, coaches and a housewarming thank you. Choose stainless steel or copper for best results.

Dog themed baking trays, pans and cookie cutters for homemade dog treats, biscuits, cakes, cookies and more.  #dogparty #dogtreats #homemadedogtreats

Dog Themed Baking Supplies – making homemade dog treats is all the rage right now and having the an assortment of silicone trays, cookie cutters and shapes makes it fun to make a variety of frozen, baked and no bake treats.

silicone frozen dog treat mold tray sheet paw prints large #frozendogtreats #dogtreatrecipes

Silicone Dog Paw Mold – choose the right size silicone tray for your frozen or baked treats to make them look adorable and make sure the rest of the family knows these are for the dog.

For Pet Recipes Check out our Pinterest Board – Dog and Cat Treat and Food Recipe – we are adding new recipes daily that are created by bloggers, pet experts and chef’s who love to create fun recipes for their favorite 4 legged buddies. Make sure that the ingredients in the recipe are safe for your dog and include items they can eat.

Dog Bone Baking Pan and Cookie Cutter Set – This high quality  is a must have for all pet lover chef’s.  Perfect for people and dog cakes, but also other great foods for any event from lasagna to party potatoes.  The cookie cutter comes too, so you can make accent cookies for people and pets, cut out dog shaped garlic bread or even make dog bone sandwiches to send to school with the kids.  Here is a recipe for Dog Lasagna we found.  We have not tried it yet, but it is on our bucket list – Dog Friendly Lasagna Recipe.  

Measuring and Mixing Tools

Paw Print Measuring Cup – glass measuring cup with adorable pup prints tossed around the measuring lines. The purchase of this item helps people, pets and the environment. Measures up to 16 ounces. Baking goodies with a cause!!

Dog Wooden Measuring Spoons or Cat Wooden Measuring Spoons – how cute are these guys? Slip them in stocking, add them to a wrapped package as a topper or create a gift basket for pet loving baker’s. This set of 4 spoons – Tablespoon, Teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon and 1/4 teaspoon is a great set for most of your baking needs.

Cat Spatula and Dog Spatula – stir, scrap and mix your favorite recipes with these colorful dog and cat kitchen gadgets. Grab a great mixing bowl and drop in measuring spoons and a spatula to make a great gift basket for dog or cat lovers.

Dog Biscuit Maker

bake a bone dog treat maker - make 4 bones at once.  Free dog treat recipes.  Easy to use dog treat baker

Bake A Bone Dog Treat Maker – we are all about easy and we are all about homemade dog treats and this maker by Bake-A-Bone is ideal for making quick and easy homemake dog treats. Simple to use like a waffle maker and you can make 4 at a time in the shape of dog bones. The maker comes with free recipes and step by step instructions.

Serving Plates and Platters

Ceramic Dog Plate featuring assorted breed sketched dogs on a beautiful plate.  Great gift, serving platter or decor for pet lover kitchen.  #dogplatter #doglovergift #dogs

After the People or Pet Treats are done, how about putting them on this adorable Hand Sketched Dog Serving Plate.  We love the style of art and the variety of dogs. Such a great gift for Mother’s Day, Birthday or Pet Day.  

white wiener dachshund dog chip, cracker, treat bowl #dogtreats #dogparty #dachshund #wienerdog

Dachshund Dog Bowlwhite elongated wiener dog bowl that is ideal for chips, crackers, cookies and even dog treats. A great idea to fill and give for a gift, set on the buffet table or place on each table as a centerpiece for a party or wedding.

So if you are shopping for you, for a pet lover, gathering Christmas gift ideas or just looking around, feel free to Pin the items for later too.  

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy getting your baking on, finding some great gift ideas or maybe baking up a storm to even sell your homemade treats.

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