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The Wild Love Tails Pet Supply Shop is filled with everything for pets from great food bowls to fashion forward apparel and from trendy pet toys to the newest pet technology fountains.



Enter to see the latest in dog, cat and pet fashion, accessories and footwear. Shop by season, holiday and for everyday.

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Take a look around at the best of the best pet basics. The perfect dog, cat & pet supplies to help you care, keep up with and enjoy pet time.

Shop for the right pet dinnerware. Just what you need for everyday mealtime, outdoor dining and dinner on the go!

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Let’s face it, pet potty time is something we all deal with every day. Check out the latest dog, cat & pet supplies.

Go automatic and take care of your pets with the latest technology. From water fountains to Smart pet collars.

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Make your dog walks all the better with the right supplies, organization ideas and other cool stuff.

Create the ideal pet spaces that fit your personal style and meet the needs of your pets in our pet furniture store.

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Anytime is a good time for a party and we love celebrating adoptions, birthdays and milestones with pets in mind.

Find the right treat or be inspired to make your own with kits, homemade treats and special gift boxes.

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Who does not love watching fur babies nap, this shop is filled with the most amazing pet beds, cushions and blankets.

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When you hit the road with your furry friends, plan ahead and grab just what you need to make the trip perfect for pets and people.

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We all love to spend time on the trail, in the woods or exploring, don’t forget the right outdoor pet supplies when pets go too!

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