Dog Play Spaces & Supplies – keeping puppies and dogs safe, happy and secure.

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Create amazing indoor dog play spaces indoors creatively to keep you pups entertained, safe and cozy. Choose quality pieces that fit your design style, your dog’s breed and size.

Create indoor pet play spaces for puppies, protect furniture for dogs in training and to keep pets and children apart as they get to know each other.


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Dog Houses

Pet Outdoor Play Spaces

Indoor Pet Houses

Cat Towers & Trees

Choose pet toys & play spaces that blend into your home’s decor. This dark wood cat tower is a great example of high quality pet furniture that is ideal for pet and people shared spaces.

Dog Gates & Play Pens

Choose stylish finishes from wood to metal for pet room dividers, gates and fences that fit into your home decor. Stay away from plastic, lightweight and chintzy materials and finishes. We love this wood and metal gates combo to block large openings in the home, office or retail stores.

Dog and Puppy Gates, Screens and Dividers

To keep puppies and pups from spaces in the home, designers recommend using unique dividers like this Farmhouse Wooden Hinged Divider. This portable, decorative option is ideal for people and pet spaces. Remove legs or flip divider upside down if pets are small enough to squeeze through. Set infant of steps, doorways or make a corner to hide pet bed, toys and dining spaces. Secure to wall or floor if your pets are escape artists.

Indoor Dog Crates

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