Pet Office Supplies – Antique Style

Whether working from your home office or setting up your work space at the office, choose office supplies, desk accents and furniture you love. If you have a love of pets like we do, why not add a little bit of furry decorating vibe to your workspace.

vintage rustic antique home office desk chair supplies decor

If you love vintage inspired decor, rustic elements and anything pet themed in your home or office space, you are going to love what we found! A selection of dog, cat and animal themed office supplies with a vintage vibe.

Choose a piece of art that sets the tone for your home office space that captures the vintage vibe you are going for. Let the piece become your focal point and choose colors, pieces and accessories that fit the color palette and tone of the piece. If you are an animal lover with admiration for both dogs and cats, this wonderful Angels Without Wings Art Piece is a winner.

antique rustic vintage dog upholstered chair on casters

Sit in style upon this dog themed office desk chair featuring beautiful realistic dog art on an ivory background and set on a rustic stained base and vintage casters. This adjustable desk chair is accented with antique brass railheads and is ideal for a home office, studio, sewing table or take it to the office.

bomber brown leather journal notebook

Choose antique leather journals with elegant artwork like this bomber cat leather journal. Use the same journal for all your notes, so that the office knows it is yours or collect beautiful leather journals and mix and match them.

antique vintage desk wall calendar

This vintage inspired desk or wall calendar adds a wonderful vibe to your home office space and coordinates with antique dog, cat and pet themed elements. Don’t forget to jot down your vet appointments, pencil in dog walks and of course pet treats on your grocery list.

antique vintage farmhouse dog dachshund pet bookends

Tone on tone is a great way to create a cohesive design style from modern to vintage. We love these dachshund dog bookends that are ideal for holding ivory and cream found books. If you cannot find light toned books, consider covering them with wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper or old book pages.

antique vintage file folders

Choose simple, neutral file folders when looking for the right folders for a dog, cat or pet themed home office. The balance of simple prints in the space will give you a designer vibe.

cat cord string ribbon jute holder

Fun touches like this antique iron cat jute holder are great to add to a collection of antique pieces that also have a functional element. This kitty’s tail will hold jute, string, ribbon and cord balls.

This elegant burlap memo board with antique brass railheads is a great choice for a vintage home office design. You can choose antique style dog or cat push pins and tack up a few antique style pieces of art to set just the right tone, keep swatches close by and important notes.

antique brass dog push pins

Add simple touches like these antique brass dog push pins to a rustic framed cork board and you will stay organized and love your look!

antique silver metal cat push pins

This set of antique silver cat push pins are a great touch to a trendy cat themed space and work with vintage brass and silver elements.

Find an antique soap or dish like this rustic brass dish to hold push pins, paper clips and other small office supplies to stay organized and have the things you need, right where you need them.

To get the right home decor vibe, you have to pay attention to the detail. Simple pieces like these antique toned post it notes will fit right in rather than a brightly colored paper assortment.

steampunk vintage rustic cat art style

Steampunk cat note and thank you cards are a fun element to keep stacked on your desk or add a few to your bulletin board to set a funky vintage style.

vintage old rustic business card holder

Business cards are still a thing and we found the perfect antique metal and glass business card holder that is ideal for your space. Keep on a shelf or on your desk top for easy access.

cats welcome people tolerated wood board office desk sign

Choose a subtle, rustic style board sign like this ‘Cats Welcome People Tolerated’ black board sign. They are a great conversation starter and there are many choices with dog and cat themes.

antique mouse pad cat dog pet

Add or design very cool mouse pads from vintage art, sayings are even your own work. We love this Chat Noir mouse pad with its antique French style.

Add an antique desk clock combined with a few other elements to set the tone for your vintage home office decor style.

Simple elements like this sepia toned cat wall light will add a little extra light and a fun touch.

vintage antique light bulb vase desk plant holder decor

Adding a little green to any office space adds a touch of life. This antique light bulk planter is a fun way to add green or even flowers to your space.

Add antique or reproductions like these little artisan scissors that are not only functional, but they help set the tone of the space.

bird cat pet hat holder

Look for inexpensive elements like this old style hat rack that you can display a vintage hat in your home office space.

For more dog, cat and pet themed home office products and ideas here is another post you might enjoy – Pet Lover Stuff for the Office. Help us spread the love and pin if you like our antique pet home office vibe.

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